Why do some people fear technology?

What is the fear of technology? Why are so many people afraid of technology?
  1. They fear the unknown

    Most people fear what they don’t know. Some people fear new technologies because they are not familiar with them and because they don’t know how to use them.

  2. They want to remain in their comfort zones

    Most people prefer to remain in their comfort zones and to keep doing the work they’re used to doing. When a new technology emerges, it usually forces people out of their shells and they find themselves feeling uncomfortable as a result.

  3. They are afraid of being replaced

    Some people fear new technologies because they might threaten their jobs. A new automation system in a factory might threaten the jobs of factory workers.

  4. They hate the learning process

    Some people hate new technologies because they hate the learning phase they will have to go through as a result of the emergence of this new technology.

  5. They believe it can threaten their businesses

    Some people fear new technologies because they can threaten their businesses and make them obsolete. For example, when computers became popular, typewriters were killed off.

  6. They are intimidated by their complexity

    Many of the people who hate new technologies believe that they are too complex to be learned. Those people usually fear technologies because of not being sure whether they will be able to use them or not.

  7. They are afraid not to master them

    Perfectionists might fear new technologies because they might fear not being able to master them. (See What are the body language signs of fear?)

  8. Negative beliefs about technology

    Some people have negative beliefs about technology such as that it’s evil or that it makes life harder. People who have negative beliefs about technology usually fear it.

  9. They regard it as a threat to stability

    Many people hate new technologies because they can be a threat to the stability of their lives. After getting used to something for years, some people find it very hard to change their lifestyle because a new technology was invented.

  10. They think they aren’t simple enough

    Some people hate computers because they believe they aren’t simple enough to use. This is more common with old people who might struggle to use a computer without being able to achieve the desired results fast.

  11. They believe it reduces the mental abilities of humans

    Some people hate technologies because they believe that those technologies can reduce the mental ability of people. Some people, for example, hate calculators because they believe that they lower the person’s mathematical abilities.

  12. Some people are concerned about their privacy

    Some people hate new technologies, especially computers, because of privacy issues. Some people, for example, are reluctant to create accounts on social networks because they don’t want any entity to have a hold over their private data. (See Why Do People Care About Online Privacy?)

  13. Fear that computers will replace humans

    Some people fear new technologies, especially artificial intelligence, because of believing that those new technologies might replace many humans.

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