Why do some men scream while lifting weights?

Why do people scream when working out? Why do You feel the Need to Grunt When You Lift Weights?

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  1. 1 It increases strength

    According to one study, strength can increase up to 10% percent when a person yells or screams. This happens because the fight or flight response gets activated as the body believes it's in danger.

  2. 2 It empowers them

    When a man screams he feels stronger. This kind of psychological feeling can help him lift the heavy weights he is carrying easier.

  3. 3 Distraction from pain

    The act of screaming can shift the person's attention from the pain he is feeling, and as a result can help him lift heavier weights easily. See why are some people Gym addicts.

  4. 4 Activating the nervous system

    According to a study, screaming while lifting can help activate the nervous system, and as a result help the body recruit more muscle fibers that assist in weight lifting.

  5. 5 Forced to exhale

    Sometimes the grunting or the screaming sound happens when a person finds himself forced to exhale as a result of lifting a heavy weight.

  6. 6 To show off

    Some men scream and make certain sounds while training to show off their strength and power.

  7. 7 To catch attention

    Some men scream while lifting to catch the attention of someone they are interested in. See how to know that someone likes you.

  8. 8 To intimidate other men

    Some men scream while lifting weights to intimidate others in order to reach one or more of their personal objectives.

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90 shares, 512 points

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