Why do some married or committed people flirt?

Why Do Married Men Flirt With Single Women? Why do some married or committed people flirt?
  1. Self-esteem boost

    Even if a person is committed or married, they might flirt to boost their self-esteem and to be praised that they are still desired.

  2. They found something that they miss

    Some people might not get what they are exactly looking for in a relationship. This arises the need to look around different people whom they can flirt with.

  3. They are not fully satisfied with their relationship

    It might also be possible that they are not happy and content with their current relationship, due to which they flirt with others.

  4. They want to cheat on their partners intentionally

    The person might be a cheater as the cheater will always flirt with other’s partners. Even if these people’s relationship is going perfectly well, they will always find a good chance to cheat.

  5. To make their partner jealous

    Some people do this for the time being. Your partner may flirt with your friend’s partner or someone else’s partner, who you know, to make you envy and grab extra attention. (See Why do people become jealous of others?)

  6. They want to break up

    Might be they have gotten bored of you and want to date someone else and look for other potential partners. (See How to Get Over a Breakup in Less Than a Week?)

  7. To seek revenge

    Some people do flirting with others to seek vengeance with their partners or annoy them intentionally.

  8. They are narcissist

    Some people are bigtime attention seekers and are self-centered. They only think of getting attention anyhow, so they start flirting with others and enhancing their self-love.

  9. They are players

    Here, the player refers to a person who does not stick to one partner. They try and allure as many people as they can. They always look for an excellent chance to take advantage of that situation.

  10. They think it’s right and authentic

    Some people do not think that even if you are married or committed to someone else, flirting is not a good thing to practice.

  11. To have backup plans

    People may do this to have a backup if their original relationship does not go well; they have something in their hand.

  12. They are confused

    If a person wants to find out what’s wrong with heir current relationship, they may start flirting with others to find out why they were confused.

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