Why do Schools exist?

What is the Main Purpose of School? Why School is a Waste of Time? Why do Most Students hate School? Why was School invented?
why do schools exist
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Why do schools exist? This is one such question that kept pondering in our young and childish minds. Eventually, with age and more friends, it felt like a happy place. However, did you sit down to think about an answer to why do schools exist? Considering how vast the school systems are across the world, there must be a proper explanation for the main purpose of school other than just giving homework and taking exams. Let’s get into this article to answer every question.

1. Why was School invented?

The school was invented to impart education to kids. Earlier, people used to teach their kids at home individually but it was later thought that it would be much better if teachers taught a group of students instead of just one, and the education would be imparted in an efficient manner. They could bring the children up right from the start and help them choose their respective fields. However, earlier education was not compulsory like today, but rather a personal choice. (See Why was School Created?)

2. What is the Main Purpose of School?

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Why do schools exist? The main purpose of school is to impart knowledge and help its students develop skills while also enabling them to identify their interests. The basic skills of reading, writing, and math are taught at every school but it is also important for schools to teach those skills that help kids get a job later in life. Schools not only focus on learning and education but on developing skills and personality development. They allow students to learn about varied ideas and concepts which helps them find their interests in various domains. Also, check out Why Studying Is Important?

3. Is there a Point of School?

Learning about what is the main purpose of school, might make you wonder about the point of its existence. The school imparts knowledge and learning to its students. By going to school, a kid can explore various domains of education and accordingly decide what they are good at or what their interest lies in. They also help in growing the strengths of kids and teaching them multiple subjects as a part of enhancing their basic knowledge about varied topics than just one. It also opens up many options for the future of the students because nobody knows what it’s going to look like.

Schools teach students the basic knowledge that they need to know. Helping students develop their unique identities is one of the reasons why do schools exist. (See Why is it Important to do your Homework?)

4. Do Schools serve a Useful Purpose?

Schools serve a useful purpose in teaching students how to learn. Learning is a skill that involves paying attention, active learning, concentrating, taking notes, and so on. Even though some of the things learned at school might not be used anywhere, the brain training and development of every student happens in school.

Every school has a lot of students that come from different backgrounds but they mostly stay with each other harmoniously. It teaches students how to make friends and be interactive, cooperative, helpful, and accepting. These qualities cannot be inculcated in a child without school because it’s a place where they spend a good amount of time and it acts as a foundation for them. (See What Kind of Information do you need?)

5. Why do Schools exist?

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The answer to why do schools exist is that they exist to impart education to students in a collective manner. Students learn the fundamentals of life and the environment around them. Although, it may seem like these learnings are not of much help, they make the child aware of their surroundings.

Schools help students socialize which is one of the most important qualities of life. Being able to make friends, interact with them, and become cooperative, helpful, and accepting is a great life skill and students are able to learn this successfully at school. Qualities like mutual respect, teamwork, and social culture are profound in the corporate world and the school act as the building block for it. Must read about the List of Field of Study Examples.

6. Why School is Waste of Time?

One might think that school is waste of time because the same things are repeated throughout school hours. Even though schools serve an important purpose of teaching and making students learn, doing the same things over and over again might make you lethargic after a point. School days can be long and students might not be able to make time for other activities due to the workload. But schools are generally not a waste of time because they help students to learn and socialize. The main purpose of school is to allow students to explore new options to find where their interest lies. (See The Art of Teaching Art)

7. Is it True that 98% of What you learn is a Waste in School?

The purpose of school is to teach students how to learn. Although it may seem true that most of the things that students learn in school are of no use to them in everyday lives, subconsciously it makes them aware of their surroundings. It helps them define and reason things for what they are and why they are like that. School and classroom teaching is as important as real-life interactions. What schools teach may not be of use immediately but can be helpful later in life. So it is not true that 98% of what you learn is a waste in school. (See What Is Algebra Used For In Real Life?)

8. Why do most Students hate School?

The reason why most students hate school is that they are constantly loaded with some or the other work. It can be their daily homework or exam pressure that overwhelms them. The studies in school might be boring for some and that is one of the reasons why they hate school. Students are taught discipline in school and need to ask for permission from the teacher to do anything which can make them restless and despise school. Despite all these grounds, everyone must consider the reasons why do schools exist and decide what type of schooling he/she wants. (See Why do some students dropout of school?)

9. What do You do When School makes you Cry?

You can distract yourself from other things. You can take a break and practice your hobbies to refresh your mind. Sometimes the workload or pressure of work can lead to stress and ultimately make you cry. You can go out and take a walk in your surroundings or talk to a friend about things other than your school. Playing with others can also help to make you light and refreshed. It is okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes but you should try to take a step back sometimes as it can harm your health. (See What is a Scientific Question Example?)

10. Why should You stay in School?

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Staying at school can be fun when you have friends. Apart from learning and studying new things every day, it is a great and fun place to be because of friends and colleagues. While being around friends, you are in a light and happy mood. Students learn a lot while in school. Schools make students learn to socialize and be empathetic. Many skills are taught in school and students get to identify their interests and hobbies. (See Should Cell Phones be Allowed in School?)

11. What are the Point of Grades?

Even though there is not a direct connection between good grades and success, good grades can be helpful for students to make a good career. Good grades are prioritized and can help students grab better opportunities. Good grades can be achieved when a student is focused and has better concentration. Learning is a skill that is possible only with other skills like concentration, alertness, and focus. Good grades are a sign that the student is focused and serious about their career.

These skills make a student stand out from others because the point of appreciating their grades is to make them develop skills like concentration, alertness, attention, and focus. (See What is 78 Percent Grade?)

Now you have a clear understanding of why do schools exist and how they impact people’s lives, in general. Basic learning about our surroundings happens from school and it plays a major role in developing skills from the early days itself. So, next time your parents wake you up for school, don’t pretend a false tummy ache and bunk school!

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