Why do people unmatch others on Tinder?

Why do you unmatch someone on Tinder? Why do people match and then unmatch you right away?

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  1. 1 They did not get a response

    Usually, egoistic people or people who have self-respect, unmatch a person on Tinder when they are not responded. They think that unmatching is a better option rather than keeping it just as a heck of it.

  2. 2 They are playing around

    Some people use Tinder to achieve the ultimate goal to find their matches and hence, partners. However, some people use this to get an ego boost, and once they are matched with them, they do not respond and unmatch them. This may sound stupid, but some people actually do this! See why Tinder is bad for your mental health.

  3. 3 The conversation is not interesting

    If a person added someone in his Tinder match list and the conversation is not engaging, rather dull, they will prefer deleting or unpairing that match.

  4. 4 They don’t like the pictures

    Once after matching with the other person, there may be a possibility that they did not like their pictures. Hence, they unmatch that person to avoid any further conversation.

  5. 5 To hurt them

    Some people want to hurt the other person because of some reason: they want vengeance or want to hurt their ego. That's why they first match with the same person, and as soon as they are added, they unmatch them.

  6. 6 People are fickle

    Some people or users are confused about what they desire. If they have matched with someone, they may soon unmatch them because they are unpredictable. They will think that they can find a better one or not want them in their matching list anymore.

  7. 7 They get abused by them

    Some users abuse people on Tinder, who they have already added, those people are unmatched by the person they abuse.

  8. 8 They deleted their accounts

    If a person's account is not active anymore on Tinder, they think it is pointless to keep them in their matching list, hence unmatch them. See what happens when you unmatch someone on Tinder.

  9. 9 They are attention seekers and do not take their matches seriously

    If a person unmatches someone, they think that the other person whom they have unmatched will think about the reason; why you did it? They want to get attention, validation, and other psychological benefits from this move.

  10. 10 Maybe it was a bot

    Some users on Tinder are spambots. If the Tinder app discovers the spam users, they are automatically blocked by the app. Sometimes, the app is unable to identify them, and the spambots keep on matching other people with their profiles. When the other person comes to know that the user is not authentic, they unmatch them.

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