Why do people unmatch others on Tinder?

Why do you unmatch someone on Tinder? Why do people match and then unmatch you right away?

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  1. 1 They are playing around

    Some people use Tinder as a game to get an ego boost or to achieve a certain goal. These people usually have the ultimate goal of getting matches and after they get them they don't proceed further.

  2. 2 The conversation isn't interesting

    If a person doesn't find the conversation with his match interesting, he might unmatch them. See why Tinder is bad for your mental health.

  3. 3 They didn't get a response

    Some people unmatch others on Tinder when they don't get a response or when they get a response that they don't like. Egoistic people are more likely to do so.

  4. 4 To hurt them

    Some people unmatch others on Tinder to hurt them, to seek revenge or to make them feel bad about themselves. See why did Tinder become successful.

  5. 5 They don't like the pictures

    After a match happens a person gets to see more pictures of a person. If a person doesn't like the rest of the pictures of another he might unmatch them.

  6. 6 In response to abuse

    Some people unmatch others when they discover that they are spammers or when they get abused by them in a way or another.

  7. 7 Tinder users are fickle

    As a result of the big supply of potential partners and the ease of finding a new one, Tinder users became very fickle. If a person doesn't like the slightest thing about someone he might unmatch them.

  8. 8 It was a bot

    There are some spam bots on Tinder. When one of them is discovered the App usually blocks them. This makes it seem like a person was unmatched. See what happens when you unmatch someone on Tinder.

  9. 9 They are after attention

    Many people use Tinder to get validation, attention or other psychological benefits. These people might not take their matches seriously.

  10. 10 Some people like everyone

    Some people like all profiles on Tinder in order to see how many will respond to them. These people might unmatch others as soon as they are matched.

  11. 11 They deleted their accounts

    When a person deletes their account they will be removed from Tinder and it will seem as if they unmatched you.

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