Why Do People Throw Beads at Mardi Gras?

What do you do with beads after Mardi Gras? Why do people toss beads during Mardi Gras?

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  1. 1 The emergence of Beads Throwing tradition

    This tradition started in medieval Europe, which always used to be celebrated. In New Orleans, the celebration of beads throwing started 300 years before. However, people used to throw out favors instead of beads until the 1840s, but the culture began to change during the 1880s when glass beads became the staple of Mardi Gras. This tradition also made women flaunting their breasts, which started in the early 1970s.

  2. 2 Started with the Glass beaded necklaces but later changed to plastic beads

    Some of the standard colors used in beads include green, gold, and purple representing justice, power, and faith. During the 1880s, the festival was celebrated with glass beaded necklaces, but as time passed, people started using and throwing plastic beaded necklaces.

  3. 3 You could let people know that you want them

    Renaissance festivals much inspired this festival. It allows people to speak up and tell out loud that you wish to get beads from the person.

  4. 4 People wearing masks

    One of the other traditions of this magnificent festivals includes wearing masks.  According to some people, masks became a part of this tradition because it allowed people to be someone else and perceive everyone equal in society without discrimination based on caste and gender.

  5. 5 Drinking and Merrymaking

    The best part about this festival is that everyone taking part in this celebration enjoys to the fullest. Drinking and merrymaking prevail in the festival since the time it was taking place. The frenzied atmosphere remains the same, even after the difference between the floats and parades.

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