Why Do People Love Anime?

Why do some people like anime and manga so much? Why Do People Like Anime?
  1. More serious than cartoons

    Anime videos usually have real looking characters and thus seem more serious than cartoons. Those who like animations but think that cartoons are childish might find anime interesting. Anime are cartoons for older people.

  2. They have rich stories

    Anime movies usually have complex plots, rich stories and emotionally engaging scenes. This helps people who like to watch something deeper than cartoons enjoy Anime.

  3. More connection to characters

    Because anime characters look real, people can connect & relate more to them. The experience thus becomes more indulging than that of cartoons.

  4. Fantasy & novelty

    Because anime is based on animated drawings, the door to creativity is always open. The human brain craves novelty. Anime movies can have very novel characters, scenes and objects that appeal to the brain.

  5. Escapism

    Because Anime movies can seem so real, they help people escape from their own world into a new world. This healthy escapism releases stress and helps people cope with their problems.

  6. Proud to be different

    People who watch anime are proud to be a part of a group that likes something that not all people fully understand. The need for belonging plus the desire to be different or even to rebel against norms motivate some people to watch anime.

  7. Wide range of characters

    Anime videos have a very wide range of characters. This helps anime lovers find characters that represent them easily. Usually, when a person finds a character that resembles him he gets attached. (See 20 Best Anime Characters)

  8. Unexpected twists

    Anime is sometimes strange, unpredictable and unexpected. Generally, when people expect what might happen next they feel bored, but when they watch something full of unexpected twists they get excited.

  9. Variety

    The same anime movie can feature fantasy, comedy, sci-fi, action, adventure and romance. Because the movies contain a lot of variety, some people find them very exciting. (See Why is Grendizer popular in the middle east?)

  10. Emotional connection to characters

    People can get very emotionally connected to Anime characters especially when the plot promotes intense emotional changes. This can make Anime seem very real to some people.

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