Why do people like Snapchat?

What exactly is so great about Snapchat? Why young people love Snapchat?
  1. To show off quick moments

    While Instagram is the usual tool people use to show off certain pictures, Snapchat is the App people use to show off quick moments to their friends while maintaining maximum privacy.

  2. It’s extremely fast

    While Instagram is a faster way to upload a picture than Facebook, Snapchat is an even faster way of sending a picture to a friend. As soon as the app is opened, the camera activates itself, making the process of taking a picture and sending it extremely fast.

  3. Because it makes texting fun

    Most people hate being very serious all the time because this puts additional stress on their brains. The fact that a person can send the same message he wants to send but in a funny way makes Snapchat a popular messaging app.

  4. Make people feel comfortable and be themselves

    People using Snapchat don’t have to strive to take a perfect picture or selfie. Because Snapchat pictures aren’t permanent, people can be more at ease when taking pictures and can send photos of themselves without worrying much about making them look perfect.

  5. Sharing micro-thoughts

    Snapchat is a perfect tool for sharing trivial micro-thoughts. It’s not usual for a person to share a random thought that passes his mind in seconds on Facebook, but with Snapchat it’s more possible.

  6. Great conversation starter

    So many people use Snapchat to start conversations with others. The fact that the picture can get sent to a list of people facilitates the act of starting a new conversation with someone without appearing desperate or needy.

  7. Sending direct messages without being direct

    The fact that a person can’t tell whether a message is sent to him directly or was sent to others makes Snapchat a very useful tool for those who want to start conversations without being direct or predictable.

  8. Sexting

    Some people claim that one of the reasons Snapchat got so famous was because of sexting. The fact that images can’t be saved and that they self-destruct makes Snapchat a perfect environment for sending content that couldn’t be sent otherwise.

  9. Generation Z teens have lower attention spans

    Most of Snapchat users are between 13 and 25. The new generation of teens have lower attention spans and less patience. They favor fast tools that can get the job done instantly over tools that take more time to use. (See Characteristics of Generation Z)

  10. Getting instant opinion

    While shopping, a person can send a snap of the thing he wants to buy and get instant responses from people. Such a post would find no place on Facebook or Instagram, which gives Snapchat an edge in areas that other apps don’t fully cover.

  11. The scarcity effect

    The fact that images have a certain time frame and that they get deleted after that even if they weren’t seen motivates people to check Snapchat even more to see the pictures before they get deleted. The scarcity effect makes the app more popular. (See Why Snapchat is good for business?)

  12. Teens looking for differentiation

    Because Facebook was launched earlier, it’s perceived by many teens as social network for grownups. Teens want to differentiate themselves from adults and that’s why many of them embrace Snapchat.

  13. Teens like to have fun

    Because teens are more focused on having fun, Snapchat can be their preferred method for chatting instead of the serious looking Whatsapp or Facebook.

  14. The finger on the screen feature

    Until July 2015, Snapchat required its users to hold a finger on the screen to see content. This increased the user’s focus on the Snapchat app which over time lead to more engagement and popularity.

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