Why do people lie to themselves?

The Many Ways We Lie to Ourselves | Why do we lie to ourselves? Why do people lie to themselves?
  1. Not having the courage

    Sometimes people do not have enough courage to accept the fact of what wrong or illegitimate thing they have done. Instead of taking the truth, they feel more comfortable in hiding reality from themselves.

  2. Escape from reality

    Some people lie to themselves as they do not want to deny a fact they already know. For instance, people may think that they are not addicted to alcohol and can leave whenever they want, but in reality, they do not leave any opportunity when they want to consume liquor.

  3. To boost their self-esteem

    Some people so want to remain in their comfort zone and do not want to go the extra mile. Simply because they believe in hard work and are not willing to make an extra effort to achieve something. These people may lie to themselves that being rich is distressing as they know that they cannot work hard to achieve success.

  4. They do not show themselves as vulnerable

    Some people are vulnerable and can easily be influenced. They know their weakness and even then deny the fact to themselves. The primary reason is that those people do not want to show their vulnerability to others, so nobody can hurt them, and to hide their weaknesses, they start lying to themselves.

  5. To prevent loss of effort

    Some relationships may experience these types of situations in which a couple is married for years, and one loses interest in their partner. They may keep on claiming the fact that they love their partner as they do not want all the efforts invested in their family to be gone.

  6. To avoid making any effort

    Some people are way too lazy and do not want to make any efforts to achieve anything in life. They do not have any vision in life and keep on lying to themselves. For instance, they may admit their eating habits and lifestyle, making them hefty, but do not want to exercise and make any efforts to get in shape. (See Why do people lie?)

  7. To maintain their psychological stability

    If a person is not rich and claims that they don’t like rich people, they consider all rich people to be thieves. As they start lying to themselves, they try to maintain their psychological stability and not feel helpless even though they experience financial constraints.

  8. Hiding failure

    If a person did not succeed in a particular thing or task, they might claim they were not interested in it. They will not say that they tried and failed. To hide their failure, they lie to themselves.

  9. They want to give up without feeling bad

    Sometimes, people get to know that whatever they have in the past was wrong. They feel regretful for such actions or decisions, and instead of speaking the truth, they tell a lie. For instance, a person may not show the other person (who does not like anyone who consumes alcohol) about admitting that he used to drink alcohol earlier, but now he has left it. (See Why Am I in Such a Bad Mood?)

  10. They know the truth can be hurtful

    Some people lie to others as they know that speaking the truth may hurt the other person. As a result, they prefer to stay quiet or tell a lie, without hurting the other person.

  11. They prefer to mislead

    Some people prefer self-deception over reality. They want to betray others intentionally without wanting them to face the harsh reality.

  12. Not to show their helplessness

    Some people do not accept that whatever they have got, they could not have gotten better. These people start believing that they had numerous options, but still, they chose that option. They lie to themselves as, in reality, those people did not have any options instead of the one they had chosen.

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