Why do people hate uncertainty?

Why we’re hardwired to hate uncertainty? Why Uncertainty Freaks You Out? Why do people hate uncertainty?
  1. People feel safe around what they know

    People prefer the things they know over the things they don’t understand as this can help them feel safer.

  2. Uncertainty opens the door for bad possibilities

    When a person becomes uncertain his mind might start to think of the possible bad events that could happen. Uncertainty thus could lead to bad moods.

  3. Some people like to be in control

    People who always want to be in control of everything usually hate uncertainty since it takes control away from them.

  4. Investors only put money when they are sure

    Investors usually move away from uncertainty by putting money in asset classes that they are certain about.

  5. Uncertainly keeps the brain working

    According to a theory called the Zeigarnik effect the brain keeps thinking about issues as long as there is incomplete information. Because uncertainty usually means that there is incomplete information it can result in unpleasant feelings.

  6. Fear of the unknown

    Many people fear the unknown and when they become uncertain about something their fears grow bigger. (See What are the body language signs of fear?)

  7. Uncertainty fuels anxiety

    When a person becomes uncertain about something that he cares about he starts to become anxious. some people hate uncertainty because it brings anxiety. (See The Body Language of Anxiety)

  8. Uncertainty leads to rumors

    When people become uncertain about something the possibility of spreading a rumor becomes much higher.

  9. Pessimists might think about the worst possible scenario

    When they become uncertain pessimists might start thinking about the worst possible scenario.

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