Why do people get facial piercings?

Why do people pierce their face? What are people thinking when they get a facial piercing
  1. They think they’re cool

    Many people think getting facial piercings such as an eyebrow or lip piercing makes them seem cool and hip.

  2. To fit in

    Some people attempt different things such as getting a facial piercing when they want to fit in a certain social circle.

  3. They need a change

    Many people get piercings when they want to change something about their look.

  4. To help them move on

    It is known that when moving on from a recent breakup, a person may try different things with their looks such as getting a new piercing or cutting their hair. (See How to Get Over a Breakup in Less Than a Week?)

  5. To stand out

    Some people like standing out in a crowd. Getting a facial piercing can help certain people stand out since not everyone has them.

  6. They are adventurous

    Adventurous people always like to try new things. One of these things could be getting a facial piercing.

  7. They want to experience the pain

    Some people are curious about how painful getting a facial piercing can be so they try it to find out.

  8. They want to be in control of their body

    Just like getting a tattoo, getting a facial piercing is a sign of being in control of your own body. (See What impression do tattoos give?)

  9. To rebel against society

    Some societies find facial piercings inappropriate and against the norm. Some people like defying their society so they get pierced for that purpose.

  10. It’s a trend

    Facial piercings can be considered a trend that many people follow.

  11. They are young

    Many young people get facial piercings because they think it’s fashionable and cool.

  12. Due to peer pressure

    Some people can be easily persuaded by their friends to go for something that may be considered wrong. Facial piercings could be one of the things some people do out of peer pressure.

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