Why do people fight?

What are the triggers that lead people to fight? 11 reasons behind why do people fight
why do people fight

So you must be wondering why do people fight even when we know that all it brings is unhappiness. This question does pop into our minds but we are unable to answer it. So, here are some of the reasons for people to fight someone.

1. Feeling Threatened

Humans are naturally peaceful beings until we sense a threat to us or what is precious to us. When there’s a threat to our livelihood or our loved ones, we fight to protect it.

2. Lack of Empathy

Most of the time, we do not realize how the other person is feeling. So, if anyone isn’t empathetic during conversations, they tend to hurt other people’s emotions. This upsets the other person who then gets into a defensive mode. Thereby, causing conflicts & fights between them, due to a lack of mutual understanding.

3. Thirst for power

The answer to why do people fight is their thirst for power and respect. For instance, unwillingness to share resources like lands and other services leads to conflicts. (See Why do People Become Jealous of Others

4. Ego issues

This explains the question of why do some people fight so often. Many selfish people do not consider others’ perspectives because of their egos. They always think that whatever they believe or do is right. Even though deep down they might know that the other person is correct, yet they will go to any extent to deny the same, which includes fighting for it.

5. Hectic Lifestyle

Nowadays, people are always busy hustling and managing their work and household chores. As a result, the slightest inconvenience can irritate them. And they end up fighting unnecessarily because they get frustrated easily.

6. Short Tempered Nature

Short-tempered people may have anger issues due to personal or work-related reasons. Thus, there can be various triggers in their everyday life that can cause frustration and be the reason behind why do people fight.

7. Mannerism of Talking

There are certain situations in which a person is expected to talk in a specific manner. If a person isn’t kind or chooses to be rude, then even a small discussion can turn into an unwanted argument. Likewise, the wrong choice of words mostly leads to fights. (See How to tell if someone dislikes you by their body language)

8. Unwillingness to Compromise

There exist people that want everything to happen as they wish and are never willing to compromise. They usually do not listen to anyone else’s opinions and just fight to win an argument. This unwillingness results in fights, even when the other person is absolutely correct and they themselves, are at fault.

9. Sheer Ignorance

These days many people do not spend enough time learning the right things. Yet, they tend to challenge everything with their incomplete knowledge, without actually taking out time to learn properly or listen to other people’s opinions and theories. Generally, they expect everyone to hear and acknowledge their opinion but do not reciprocate the same to others. Instead, they fight and refuse to listen and learn. 

10. Emotional Disturbance

People who cannot easily control their emotions tend to be more sensitive. Even the slightest things can hurt them, and they end up taking it personally. These situations can lead to huge fights and heated arguments. 

11. Disparity in Resource Allocation

If the available resources like land, food, etc., are not distributed fairly or equally amongst groups, then fights ensue. This disparity can lead to the marginalization of communities and increased tension among people, thus leading to arguments and fights for justice and fairness.

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