Why Do People Care About Online Privacy?

Why Do We Care So Much About Privacy? Why You Should Care About Online Privacy?
  1. They do not want to risk their data getting used by someone else

    Some people do not want others to know much about them. They have rational concerns about online privacy and are always concerned that someone else might use the data against them.

  2. They do not easily trust people’s

    Some people have trust issues and do not trust even their friends or peers. Usually, these people are anxious more about online privacy as they think that if their information is disclosed online, it might harm them.

  3. They want to feel in control

    People who want to keep their data under their control as they care more about online privacy. Whereas, some people share ample information about them online and still feel safe, as they might have kept a limited number of friends who could only see their data.

  4. They are paranoid

    Usually, people who are paranoid do not find any interest in creating their social network accounts. Even if they do, they are not likely willing to post anything online. These people think that if they share their data online, it will hamper their well-being and peace of mind.

  5. They are an attention seeker

    These type of people start believing that everyone is interested in using their data, which boosts their self-esteem and attain contentment. By doing this, they think that people might care about claiming the ownership of their data and making them notable to many. (See Why are some people are attention seekers?)

  6. They feel the data is important

    Usually, people feel everything substantial only if it belongs to them. The same goes for sharing their data. They think preventing their data from showing it to others will make it more valuable.

  7. They belong to an older generation

    It has been surveyed that teens are more fond of flaunting and showcasing their personal life information on social networking sites as they do not care about online privacy. However, people of the older generation are more sensible and care intensively about online privacy. Mostly, they only share relevant information. (See the characteristics of generation Z)

  8. They do not want to show others about their habits

    People start caring much more about online privacy when they are browsing search engines and fear that others might start knowing about their browsing habits.

  9. They are conspirator

    Some people believe in conspiracy theories and think that their data might get misused by a renowned group of companies.

  10. They believe many people stalk them

    These people believe that they have many stalkers, and online privacy is the only way that can save them from stalkers. These people want to feel that they have a personality that many people crave for. As a result, they start picturing themselves as people are following them.

  11. They are afraid of disclosing others what they were hiding

    Some people want certain pieces of information should not be disclosed to a  particular group or specific people. For instance, an employee might have hidden some information from his boss, sharing a piece of information might let his boss know about the information that he was not aware of. To avoid this situation, they hinder sharing information online and start caring more about online privacy.

  12. They tend to maintain a particular identity

    People are concerned about their image. Some of them start feeling awkward, and because of which they do not want anyone else to know about their current situation. For instance, if they have created their account on a dating site, and now they deleted their account just because they do not want anyone to know that they go online to seek a date.

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