Why do people care about looks?

Why Do People Care About Their Appearance? Why do people care so much about looks?

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  1. 1 Good looks reflect good health

    According to scientists, good looks usually reflect a good health. A symmetrical face for example reflects good genetics and a higher ability to combat disease.

  2. 2 Beautiful people are considered more intelligent

    According to psychologists, beautiful people are considered more intelligent due to the attractiveness halo effect. Some other studies claimed that beautiful people are actually more intelligent than less attractive ones.

  3. 3 Faces are easier for the brain to process

    According to studies, symmetrical faces are easier for the brain to process and thus people feel more comfortable looking at a symmetrical face.

  4. 4 People assume they have good traits

    According to psychologists, people assume that good looking people are actually good and that they have a wide array of good traits.

  5. 5 They look younger

    Beautiful people usually look younger than less attractive ones. This makes them seem more attractive.

  6. 6 People feel better when they see them

    According to psychologists, people can feel better when they look at a beautiful face because of the good personality traits they get reminded of when they see that face. Looking at someone who looks brave, for example, can make us feel better.

  7. 7 The effect of the media

    Even though looks were always considered important, the media still highlighted this importance and made looks seem extremely important.

  8. 8 They can reflect status

    According to studies, good looks can reflect good status because a high status male is more likely to attract a beautiful female and so increase his chance of having a beautiful child.

  9. 9 Reflects fertility

    According to psychologists, men are hard wired to look for beautiful women because their looks reflect their levels of fertility. A more beautiful woman is usually more fertile than a less attractive one.

  10. 10 Better genetics

    Good looks reflect better genetics since they are an indication that little genetic mutation happened as the person was growing.

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