Why do I look bad at the end of the day?

Why do I always look like hell by the end of the day? Why do I look awesome in the morning & bad by the end of the day?
  1. Dead skin accumulates on the face

    The skin repairs itself at night and so we have better-looking skin in the morning. Throughout the day, dead skin accumulates on the face thus making us look bad at night.

  2. Makeup mixing with dust

    Throughout the day, make up might get mixed with dust and thus resulting in a different look. By night your looks might be very different than the morning.

  3. You see yourself in a different light

    According to experts, we look different in different light settings because of the way light rays are reflected. If during the night you see yourself in less flattering lights then you might find yourself looking bad.

  4. Stress changes our looks

    If you get subjected to a lot of stress during the day then you might look different at night. People who work in highly stressful jobs might look worse at night. (See The body language signs of stress)

  5. The wind ruins your hair

    Throughout the day, the wind can change your hairstyle and make you look very different. Since your hair style greatly affects your looks, you might find yourself looking different at night.

  6. Your makeup is cheap

    Cheap makeup might not sustain itself for long periods of time and so you might look very different at night than in the morning.

  7. You look fatter at night

    In the morning, most people look slimmer as a result of having empty bellies. As people eat throughout the day, they might look fatter at night.

  8. You are shorter at night

    According to experts, we become slightly taller in the morning and slightly shorter at night. The reduced height can make you look more overweight. (See Why does fluorescent lighting make you look bad?)

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