Why Do I Have to Pay for a Domain Name?

Why do we have to pay for a domain name? Why do you have to pay yearly for a domain name?
Why Do I Have to Pay for a Domain Name?
  1. The expenses need to be paid

    Whatever service you opt for, you need to pay for availing of that service. Likewise, if you want to keep a domain, the registrars have to prevent that particular domain name from reducing to an IP address. If these things are not maintained, the system might break down.

    The registrars provide a service that continues without a hitch. That’s one of the primary reasons why it is indispensable to pay for a domain name and for ensuring its smooth functionality in the long run.

  2. The registrars do not let anyone steal your name

    Once you pay for domain names, it becomes the registrar’s responsibility, who will not allow duplicacy or any confusion. to make you understand better, imagine a situation where the domain name is free. Anyone can use it at any web address. It will lead the whole situation into a big chaos.

  3. To maintain the service

    The name that you think and invented for your domain is not yours for the whole life. It is as similar as you have rented it for a specific period. You will need to specify how long you want to use that particular domain name in your contract, and once you pay for it, no one else can buy the same name. Once the period is expired, you need to renew it to use the same name further.

  4. To avoid squatting

    If one is paying a fee for buying a domain, it reduces the possibility of squatting. You might be wondering what is squatting? It implies when someone does not use a domain name even after paying for it, as they want to take advantage of the name recall. There can be two types of situations:

    a) The individuals who practice squatting makes money by using a renowned name. They allow users to post their links for ads and promote them. The more likes they get, the more money they make.

    b) Some individuals do trading by buying a cheaper domain name and selling the same at a higher price.

    All these types of activities are dejected if buying a domain name involves a fee.

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