Why do humans join groups?

What are the reasons that people join groups? Why do humans join groups?
  1. The need for belonging

    According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the need for belonging is one of the basic human needs. According to Maslow, people feel that they want to be a part of a group as part of their nature.

  2. To gain the group’s benefits

    People can join groups to gain some of the benefits the group provides. One of the reasons people buy Iphones is to belong to the elite social group.

  3. To feel superior

    According to individual psychology, the desire to feel superior is a desire that all humans experience. By joining the superior group, people can help themselves achieve the need for superiority. (See Why do people strive for superiority?)

  4. To survive

    Since the early days, humans used to join groups to increase their survival abilities and to be better able at protecting themselves.

  5. To fulfill the need for a purpose

    People can join groups to fulfill their need to find a life purpose. By joining a group that has a certain mission, people can acquire a sense of purpose.

  6. To be a part of something bigger

    People can join a group out of their feelings of weakness. Since an individual human can feel powerless on their own, they might join a social group to gain more power and influence.

  7. To project an identity

    Some people can join certain groups to project certain identities. People usually buy branded clothes in order to project a certain identity to others.

  8. To reduce inferiority

    Sometimes people join groups to reduce the feelings of inferiority they feel as individuals. According to psychologists, some people become racists to join a certain group in order to feel superior. (See Why are some people so racist?)

  9. Because of common interests

    A person can join a certain group in order to connect with people who have common interests.

  10. It increases one’s self-esteem

    According to the sociometer model, a person’s self-esteem can increase when a person joins a certain social group. According to this theory. the self-esteem boost arises from the fact that the person feels accepted by the group.

  11. Uncertainty-identity theory

    According to the uncertainty-identity theory, people join social groups to reduce the uncertainty about their identity and their place in the world.

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