Why Do Exams Cause Stress?

What are the causes of Exam Stress? The Causes of Exam Anxiety and Academic Stress
  1. Fear of failure

    The fear of failure is one of the reasons people get stressed during exams and during the periods before and after exams.

  2. Fear of the impact on the future

    In many cases, the grades of a student in some exams determine some of the aspects of his future studies and career. Many students get stressed as a result of the fear of messing up.

  3. Fear of loss of self-esteem

    Many people relate their self-worth to their grades. Those students might get very stressed during exams as they fear losing their self-esteem.

  4. Fear of not studying well

    Many students get stressed because of the fear of not having enough time to study or the fear of not studying well for the exams.

  5. Pressure by parents

    If the parents of a student pressure them to get high marks then they might feel stressed as a result of being afraid of not meeting the expectations of their parents.

  6. Frustration leads to stress

    Frustration can lead to stress. Many students experience frustration when they realize that they have to study a lot of material for their upcoming exam. (See The body language signs of stress)

  7. Believing that exams measure intelligence

    If a student believes that his marks determine his level of intelligence, then he might get very stressed during exams as he might fear to appear less intelligent than his peers.

  8. Inadequate preparation

    Many students get stressed during exam seasons because of inadequate preparation. The student who doesn’t prepare well usually fears not doing a good job in the exams he didn’t study well for.

  9. Expecting difficult exams

    Students who believe that certain teachers will bring them hard exams usually get more stressed before exams.

  10. Being in need of the marks

    If a student has low marks because of low attendance or non-delivery of assignments, then his fate will usually be determined by the one exam he will take and so he will experience more stress.

  11. Sleep depriviation

    During exam periods many students sleep less. The lack of sleep can contribute to the levels of stress experienced. (See How to Have a Good Night Sleep?)

  12. Mental exhaustion

    During exam periods many students mentally exhaust themselves by studying for prolonged hours. This habit can contribute to the stress they are feeling.

  13. Studying things for the first time

    Students who study certain subjects for the first time before important exams usually experience an elevated level of stress.

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