Why Do Earthworms Come Out in the Rain?

Worms: Why do they come out when it rains? Why do earthworms come out in the rainy season?
Why Do Earthworms Come Out in the Rain?
  1. Nature of earthworms

    Earthworms are harmless creatures. They are known as the farmer’s friends as they are beneficial for the soil. Earthworms help support plant growth by breaking down the dead and decaying organic matter into rich humus soil. These creatures breathe through their skin and help to improve the aeration of the soil.

  2. Direct exposure to sunlight

    You might have noticed that Earthworms do not come, especially during the daylight, when the sunlight is quite bright. This is because their skin is vulnerable to direct sunlight. Earthworm’s skin gets dried up, and if it is exposed to sunlight, it may be adversely affected. That’s why they dig deep holes and stay underground and only come out in the rain to survive outside when it’s not too sunny.

  3. Moist surface

    Earthworms are fond of moist surfaces or soil. The reason is evident as they feel smooth and comfortable moving from one place to another. They are also able to travel faster if the soil is wet. Moreover, they will not become dehydrated if they are travelling over most surfaces.

  4. Fewer Predators

    While it is raining or after the rain came, it has been noticed that predators are not much visible. The rain causes the soil to become acidic, which reduces the number of predators present near around. This provides the earthworms with a significant opportunity to set up their livelihood in different areas. (See Why Do Snakes Shed Their Skin?)

  5. Other benefits of Earthworms

    Earthworms are not merely significant to enhance the soil nutrients but also help prepare the organic compost rich in Nitrogen, Potash, and Phosphorus. This compost is called Vermi Compost. (See Why Do Cats Love Catnip?)

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