Why Did the Archaeopteryx Become Extinct?

What happened to the Archaeopteryx? How did Archaeopteryx die?
Why Did the Archaeopteryx Become Extinct?
  1. About Archaeopteryx

    They are said to be transitional specimen between dinosaurs and modern birds. They are also said to be the earliest known birds that were discovered in Germany in 1860. Archaeopteryx is an aggregate of two ancient Greek words, archaios which means old, and apteryx means feather/wing.

  2. History

    It is one of the most primitive birds and had various specimens dating back about 150 million years ago. They are an evolutionary link between modern birds and dinosaurs that roamed the earth 150 million years ago and are among the most vital fossil species ever found.

  3. Physical Appearance

    It is being said that they were a foot long from the beak till the tail. They were very lightweight as they only weighed just 400 grams. Their wingspan was nearly 1.5 feet. Scientists have said that they were the descendants of modern birds.

    Although there were a few variances, such as their teeth, the chest area was comparatively flat, and every wing has three claws. Their tail was long and thin. Also, their fingers were small as per their body.

  4. Similarity with birds and Dinosaurs

    Various specimens show that the flight and tail feathers. In terms of size, it looked very similar to a crow. But still, there are debates that it could fly or not. But based on its wings and feathers, scientists assume that Archaeopteryx most likely had aerodynamic skills. Its relationship with birds is clear, but it has a lot of similarities with dinosaurs as well.

  5. World of Archaeopteryx

    It is being said that they used to live on land near a range of salty and inactive lagoons within a depthless tropical sea. Their life was confined in the surface waters only as usually the lower levels were quite noxious.

  6. What did they eat?

    Well, there is no information about their diet, but still, it is being said that they carnivore and ate mammals, insects, small reptiles and amphibians.

  7. Behaviour

    One of the facts about them is that they were alive during the Jurassic period. They were like flying dinosaurs, but they might have lived in their own territory. As per their structure and claws, they might have stayed near the trees and perched there. Also, because of their leg bone makeup, it is said that they were very long and robust as well.

  8. Discovery

    They were first discovered in 1860 or 1861 as various fossils of this creature were found. Initially, there was seen alone feather from limestone deposits near Solnhofen, Germany. Scientists also say that the feathers might have come from another undiscovered proto-bird.

    Seven detailed remains have been unearthed, but the fragments make much more, and its life span is still not clear. The reason for its extinction is also not apparent as it was in the Jurassic Era. Some personages say that they might have been caught up in storms as they flew or floated over the water.

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