Why did Instagram copy Snapchat?

Did Instagram copy Snapchat? Instagram copying Snapchat may be tactless, but it works!

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  1. 1 Instagram CEO says they didn't copy Instagram

    Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom says they didn't copy Snapchat. He says all social media apps adopt features from each other and implement them in their own app such as the 'like' button.

  2. 2 It's not exclusive to Instagram

    Systrome also said that this is not something exclusive to Instagram and social media apps, as car companies also adopt features from one another and the consumer chooses the most suitable brand for their needs.

  3. 3 They tweaked it

    Systrome says that they didn't just blindly copy the stories feature from Snapchat. They added the ability to pause the story which was missing from Snapchat.

  4. 4 It's useful for their app

    Systrome says the features they adopted from Snapchat would be a great advantage to their platform and they couldn't miss the chance to use them and compete with them.

  5. 5 Platforms copied Instagram's filters

    Systrome also mentioned that other apps including Snapchat adopted the filters feature which was originally exclusive to Instagram.

  6. 6 There's a market need for it

    The fact that Snapchat became widely popular in a short period of time means that there's a market need for the features it has. Instagram took advantage of this and rolled out its own stories to give their users a better experience.

  7. 7 It's a normal thing in the tech industry

    The tech industry thrives on competition and consumer satisfaction, which is why companies jump on the chance to deliver something attractive to consumers even if it originated from another company such as the competition between Samsung and Apple.

  8. 8 To take the lead

    Instagram took on a widely used feature from Snapchat and recreated it on its platform to retake the lead in photo-sharing applications from Snapchat since Instagram was experiencing a slow-down in user activity.

  9. 9 To Attract more users

    By adopting the stories feature from Snapchat, Instagram was able to attract more users since the feature was simply done and easier to use than Snapchat.

  10. 10 To appeal to teenagers

    Snapchat is mainly used by teenagers and young adults, which is enough reason for Instagram to adopt the stories feature in order to attract this age group to its app.

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