Why Did Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis Break Up?

Who were Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis? What were they Famous for? How Long have they Worked Together? Why did they Separate? Are they Still Alive?
why did dean martin and jerry lewis break up

Martin and Lewis were the duos that were best known for their comedy acts. They worked together for several years and became very famous in Hollywood. But why did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis break up? They have done stage shows and performed in nightclubs as well. Were there any martin and lewis movies before they split up? What have you heard about Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis reunion?

1. Who were Martin and Lewis?

Martin is also known as Dino Martini was a popular American singer, comedian, and actor. Dino Paul Crocetti was his real name and was born on June 7, 1917, in Steubenville, Ohio.

Jerry was an American singer, comedian, actor, filmmaker, and humanitarian. His birth name was Joseph Levitch and was born on March 16, 1926, in Newark, New Jersey. Performance was in his blood as both his parents were in the show industry. (Also read 10 Best Country Artists) 

2. How were their Teenage Years?

In his teenage years playing drums was Martin’s hobby but he dropped out of high school. Then he worked at several jobs as a croupier, welterweight boxer, etc. Martin was drafted into the army during World War II but he was discharged within 14 months because he had a hernia. He was claustrophobic. Why did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis break up when they were not haughty about their education or background? 

Lewis was a prankster during his teenage years and he also dropped out of high school. At the age of 15, Lewis managed to prepare his ‘Record Act’ but failed in attracting audiences. This failure became the hurdle and he did not get any more future bookings. He also worked very hard at several jobs mostly in the theatres. He was rejected for military service during World War II because of his heart murmur (loud irregular heartbeat sounds). (Also read 15 Funniest Black Comedians of all Time)

3. When was their First Performance in the Nightclubs?

Martin and Lewis

It was in the year 1945 in New York City at the Glass Hat Club, where these two met each other. They both started performing together and debuted on 25th July 1946 with the Atlantic City’s 500 Club. (Also read 15 Most Famous Trios throughout History)

The duo was not welcomed with wide arms instead they were threatened that their contracts will be terminated if their plays did not improve. So, they eventually improved and rehearsed their works and made corrections when and where required. When they were so understanding and supportive toward each other why did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis break up? 

4. When did they Appear on Radio and TV?

  • The most loved radio show of all time was The Martin and Lewis Show, which aired on NBC. It started in 1948 and lasted till 1953. By the year 1949 on April 3rd, they made their official television debut on the television version of this radio show.
  • They were also seen on the television variety show Hour Glass, which was aired from 1946 to 1947.
  • They again made an appearance on the first episode of the Ed Sullivan’s show in June 1948. This show proved to be a bigger success than the radio show and made them a nationwide name.
  • They were also regularly seen as making appearances on the NBC show Colgate Comedy Hour during the 1950s.
  • According to an article by Life Magazine published in 1951, their act was one of the highest-paid acts. Lewis was nicknamed The King of Comedy and Martin was nicknamed The King of Cool. ( Also read 20 Best 70s TV shows)

5. What are the Martin and Lewis Movies?

why did dean martin and jerry lewis break up 2

In the year 1949, they got signed by Hal Wallis from Paramount Pictures in the film My Friend Irma. Their most successful movie tour was That’s My Boy in which they were featured as themselves. Together the duo worked in 17 movies from the year 1949 till 1956. They were also allowed to work in an outside film which they can produce themselves. Why did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis break up when they even made their very first independently produced film in 1950, At War With the Army. Let’s continue reading to know more about it. (See First Full Length Movie Ever Made)

6. Why did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Break Up?

  • Martin was considered to be the best partner Lewis can have. He was neither praised nor was he given any versatile roles in the movies at paramount. He was becoming tired of those scripted roles in the movies. His singing was considered underdeveloped even though he gave his personal touch to it making it unique and different from others.
  • However, Lewis was praised largely by critics. Most of the times claims were made that Lewis could have been successful with anyone and Martin hold no special place in the success of the team. The scripts of movies were also centered on Lewis.
  • Lewis and Martin were given a place in the cover photo of Life Magazine. But the picture was cropped and only Lewis was on the cover photo.
  • After that, the pair never was the same as before. There were regular arguments and conflicts among them. All this became the reason why did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis break up. The pair then decided to announce officially part ways.
  • So, on the night of 25th July 1956, they gave their Farewell Appearance at the Copacabana Club. And the last film in which they were seen was Hollywood or Bust released that same year in December. They split up they did not talk with each other for several years. (Also read Insights of Acme Warner Bros)

7. What did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Reunion happen?

It was in the year 1960, almost four years later of their official split. They both were at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas performing their shows. It was the same hotel where they had done several acts together as well. Lewis got a chance to reach Martin’s closing act and he called him up on stage and introduced him to the audience as his previous partner. They both sang the duet of Come back to me and joked with each other for about 15 minutes. 

8. When did they Appear for the Last time?

Standup Comedy

It was the year 1989, the 72 birthday of Martin and he was doing a week of shows at Bally’s Hotels and Casino in Las Vegas. Lewis presented Martin with the birthday cake and thanked him for all the years of togetherness, love, laughter, friendship, and bond. And towards the end of his sentence he added, Why we broke, I’ll never know. Why did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis break up again lingered when he said this line and that moment is considered as their last public appearance together. (Also read 7 Interesting Mark Wahlberg Life Facts

9. When did they Die?

Martin was a chain smoker which led ultimately to lung cancer. He was diagnosed in September 1993 and was advised to go for surgery but he refused. He took retirement from the industry at the beginning of 1995 and died in the same year on Christmas Day at his Beverly Hills home due to acute respiratory failure. The title of his signature song, Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes, has been written on his crypt. 

Lewis had suffered numerous health diseases in his entire life. From his first heart attack at the age of 34 till his end-stage cardiac disease and peripheral artery disease from which he died. He suffered from illnesses like pneumonia, weight gain because of prednisone treatment, type 1 diabetes, and other heart-related problems. He never gave up on his work until October 2016. But then he was hospitalized in June 2017 and after that, he was unable to recover and died on 20th August 2017 at his home in Las Vegas. (Also read What Was Howard Hughes Net Worth When He Died?)

10. What is the Name of their Biopic?

CBS released a television movie that portrays the life of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis from the year 1946 to 1956, the decade of their work and life as a team was shown in the movie. The movie was released under the same name, Martin and Lewis in 2002. Why did they break up is also shown in the movie. The roles of the pair were played by Jeremy Northan (Martin) and Sean Hayes (Lewis). (See What are the Names of the Seven Dwarves in Snow White?)

So, the reason why did Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis break up was just some misunderstandings. Their movies received nationwide acclamations and awards. And Martin and Lewis’s reunion was never pre-planned yet it proved to be the most beautiful and memorable. (Also read Famous People With Vitiligo)

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