Why dating apps are bad for you?

This is why loneliness and dating apps are such a bad match | Why Dating Apps Are Bad For Your Love Life?
  1. They can ruin the self-esteem

    Many of the dating apps involve mechanisms that can make a person feel bad about himself, his looks or his own worth. If a person keeps getting rejections, his self-esteem might be affected.

  2. Can make a person feel desperate

    By setting up a profile in a way that it appeals to others then waiting for a result, the person can unconsciously experience feelings of desperation that can affect his self-esteem.

  3. They give high weight to looks

    Most dating apps heavily rely on the person’s profile picture. This can give a much higher weight to looks compared to everything else. (See Why do people care about looks?)

  4. Over-supply makes people fickle

    Offline dating usually gives a person much less options than the options he gets when he uses an app. This over-supply of potential partners makes many people fickle and less serious.

  5. Many people misuse them

    Many people use dating apps for the wrong purposes. Players for example can use them to test their might or to attract many people to them in order to satisfy their egos.

  6. They can lead to embarrassment

    If a person is rejected by another on a dating app then they meet somewhere by chance they both might get embarrassed and experience awkward feelings. (See Why is Tinder bad for your mental health?)

  7. Could lead to rape and sex attacks

    According to a report by Dailymail, crimes related to dating apps have increased 7 fold from 2013 to 2015. As people meet complete strangers through dating apps, similar problems might arise.

  8. They can be addictive

    Dating apps usually give most people the chance to meet many new partners in a short period of time. This type of variable reward system can lead to addiction.

  9. Can lead to shallow relationships

    Many people use dating Apps to get sex or to get into quick relationships. This can lead to the formation of shallow relationships.

  10. A person hardly gets satisfied

    When a person believes that there is an unlimited supply of potential partners he will hardly get pleased and as a result this person might keep going from one relationship to another without settling down.

  11. Fast rate of rejection

    People who use dating apps are more likely to get more frequent rejections. Those rejections can ruin the self-esteem of many people.

  12. Feeling like a loser

    Some people unconsciously feel like losers for depending on an app to find a potential partner. These people unconsciously believe that they failed to date in real life, and as a result they turn to an app to achieve their goals. (See The body language of defeat)

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