Why Clash of Clans Is Not Dead?

Is the Clash of Clans game dead? Why Clash of Clans Is Not Dead?
  1. People will still attack your village

    If your village has loot then your village will still get attacked frequently. This means that people are still playing the game and that it’s not dead.

  2. The game takes years to complete

    Clash of Clans is a very long game and the game can take years to complete. Some of the people who started the game long ago might still have upgrades to complete.

  3. The game is very addictive

    The fact that Clash of Clans is extremely addictive is one of the reasons it can hardly die. Many people still play the game the way they used to long ago.

  4. Clan wars are still taking place

    Active clans are still having clan wars. This means that the game is not dead and that players are still there.

  5. The new village will motivate players to come back

    The new village, which can be reached using the boat, will probably motivate some players to come back to the game. (See Why does Clash of Clans Upgrade take so long?)

  6. It’s still getting searches on Google

    According to Google trends, Clash of Clans has gotten a significant number of searches in 2016. This means that the game is still alive.

  7. Supercell is still adding content

    Supercell is still adding content to the game. This means that the game is still alive and that they still have people to create content for. (See How to level up fast in Clash of Clans?)

  8. Supercell removes dead bases

    Supercell removes dead bases from the game. This means that they only keep active players.

  9. You find lots of bases to attack

    When searching for a base to attack, Clash of Clans still finds for you so many active bases to attack. See also how to make a successful attack.

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