Why Beautiful Women Marry Less Attractive Men?

Hot Women who marry less attractive men have happier life | Why Beautiful Women Marry Less Attractive Men?
  1. Beauty is subjective

    The attractiveness of men may differ from one woman to another. One woman may love a man because of his looks, and other women hate him because of how he looks.

  2. Women care less about looks

    It is not like that women do not care about men’s looks, but they give less priority to looks than men. Sometimes, women care a lot about other crucial aspects rather than just having concerned about his looks. (See Why do people care about looks?)

  3. Women are more practical

    Women look at a bigger picture, far ahead from just concerning the looks of their partner, such as financial background, resources, masculinity, commitment, and ambition. An intelligent woman will always sacrifice the looks of her partner for the sake of other traits.

  4. They want stability

    Some women think that men who are not handsome looking may be more loyal and less likely to cheat. Women want assiduity in life, and they believe that less attractive men will be more committed.

  5. They seek long term relationships

    According to psychologists, women who are looking for a long term relationship will not be bothered about their partner looks but will be more concerned about other qualities. Unlike other women, who tend to have a short term relationship, they will be more worried about their partner looks than any other aspect. (See What do women find attractive in men?)

  6. They have high self-esteem

    This happens with low-self-esteem women as they want to prove the world that they are dating a handsome hunk. Women who are more confident and have high self-esteem usually date average-looking men as they do not want to prove anything to anyone. Instead, they are more inclined towards other qualities than just looks.

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