Why Battlefield 1 is critically acclaimed?

Do you think Battlefield 1 is a good game? Why Battlefield 1 is critically acclaimed?
  1. It’s set in World War I

     Battlefield 1 takes the Battlefield franchise to the first world war which was the first time a war had been on such a grand scale.

  2. It shows how war is

    Most FPS games become unrealistic at some point with a protagonist who survives everything. Battlefield 1 is not like that. It shows the ugly side of war. The opening of the game tells you ‘You are at the frontlines. You are not expected to survive this’ and that’s how war is.

  3. It’s very realistic

    Battlefield 1 is very realistic that it shows how war is in detail. The graphics help with that a lot. Having muddy hands or trembling in fear when shots are being fired are two aspects that show that.

  4. The graphics are incredible

    The graphics in Battlefield 1 surpassed the previous titles with their likeness to reality.

  5. Voted the best action game in 2016

    Battlefield 1 was voted the best action game of 2016 and was awarded the Best Action Game by Game Critics. (See Why are mobile games popular?)

  6. It follows several protagonists

    The game follows several protagonists at the time of war, showing the war from different perspectives.

  7. The driving improved

    The driving in Battlefield for both vehicles and aircraft improved drastically compared to the other games. It became easier; however, it also became more realistic with damage and failures happening. (See How does the War Pigeons mode work in Battlefield 1?)

  8. The melee system improved

    The melee system also improved for Battlefield 1 because it is in World War I. The melee weapons have a wider range from hatchets to sabers.

  9. The single player campaign is fun

    Most gamers buy Battlefield and Call of Duty to enjoy the multiplayer; however, Battlefield 1 has an interesting storyline especailly due to the different angles.

  10. The voice acting is top notch

    The campaign mode of the game takes the player through several narratives. The narrative goes in several ways, from deceptive protagonists to caring fathers and it is all well done.

  11. The multiplayer is great

    Most people who play Battlefield get the game for the online experience. The multiplayer for Battlefield 1 has been critically claimed and it has been praised by the majority of FPS gamers.

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