Why Basketball Players are Tall?

Why Are NBA Basketball Players So Tall? Why Basketball Players are Tall?
  1. Basketball doesn’t make people taller

    Basketball doesn’t make people taller, but tall people are more likely to play basketball. This is the reason why some people mistakenly believe that basketball can make someone taller.

  2. Tall people are more suitable to the game

    Contrary to some beliefs, basketball doesn’t make people taller. Tall players are usually selected as basketball players, as they are found to be more suitable for the game. Tall people thus have a higher chance of becoming basketball players.

  3. Tall people get encouraged to play basketball

    Tall people usually get encouraged by family and friends to play basketball. Those people are thus more likely than shorter ones to become basketball players.

  4. Tall people run faster

    Usually, a tall person can be a fast runner. The fact that basketball requires a fast player makes tall people more suitable for the game. (See, Who is the tallest person in the world?)

  5. Their shots travel less distance

    Tall people start with the advantage of being closer to the basket. This results in letting their shots travel less distance before they reach the basket, and this represents a significant advantage in basketball.

  6. Tall people can jump higher

    Tall people can jump higher into the air. This gives them another advantage that makes them more suitable for the game.

  7. Short people believe they don’t fit

    As a result of social pressure, many short people believe that they won’t fit in the game, and as a result, they look for a different sport other than basketball. (See What are the disadvantages of being tall?)

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