Why are zoos bad for animals?

Are Zoos Good or Bad for Animals? Why are zoos not good for animals?
  1. It’s not their natural habitat

    Taking animals from their natural habitats and putting them in a zoo can affect the animals’ health and mental well-being.

  2. There’s not enough space

    Some zoos are big, while others are small, which makes them squeeze the animals into a small space in an inhumane way. However, no matter how the big zoo is, it’s definitely not as big as the wild.

  3. Animals suffer in zoos

    Some zoos don’t take good care of the animals, which leads to animals suffering and sometimes even starving to death.

  4. They die prematurely

    Some animals don’t live their average lifespan when they’re kept in zoos and they die prematurely as a result of not being in their natural environment.

  5. Some animals are killed

    When zoos sometimes get overcrowded with animals, the zoo has to kill off some unwanted animals.

  6. Training animals using inhumane methods

    Some zoos use their animals in circuses and train them for it. Some trainers use violent methods in order to make the animals do what they want such as using an electric goad.

  7. They are taken from the wild

    Zoo animals are captured from the wild in order to be kept in zoos, which badly affects the balance of the life chain of animals. (See Why are Zoos important?)

  8. Animals are unhappy

    It can be seen when visiting a zoo how unhappy the animals are since they live in a limited space or cage.

  9. Animals are shot

    Some zoos shoot animals and kill them off if they try to escape or attack visitors.

  10. They don’t live a natural life

    Animals kept in zoos are prevented from living a natural life by hunting or mating, but instead they’re kept in cages.

  11. They go crazy

    Some animals suffer from a condition called ‘zoocosis’, which is the erratic behavior seen in animals when they’re suffering from depression or frustration such as trying to hurt themselves or moving their bodies in unusual ways.

  12. It’s a business

    Zoos are mainly a business to bring money to the owners or the country and not to care for sick animals or animals requiring attention. (See How many Animals are there in the World?)

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