Why are they called Pigtails?

What is the meaning of pigtail? Where do the pigtails get their name?
Why are they called Pigtails?
  1. Origin of Pigtails

    The term pigtail, of course, refers to the tail of a pig. Well, this is a tale which is worth telling about tails. Pigtails came into the picture for probably as long as the hair itself. In fact, there is no history about when people started parting their hair and made a tail on each side. But, yes, as per experts, it must be thousands of years ago.

  2. The popularity of pigtails

    As per the Oxford English Dictionary, its usage began in the early 1750s, which is quite a long time ago. Pigtails are more made by youngsters; this does not mean that adults do not wear them. Adults usually like making pigtails when they desire a youthful appearance. Hairs that are pulled in pigtails are mostly braided too.

  3. How did Pigtail get its name for the hairstyle?

    Now that is something which everyone wants to know as it is quite a unique name. The primary reason for keeping this name is that it appears like a pigtail. A lot of you must have seen pigs and their tails, particularly ones with straight hair.

    This term has been in use since the mid-1600s, although it got a different meaning of tobacco twisted into a thin string. As it is said, during the curing process, tobacco leaves are twisted together to dry quickly. It also resembled a pigtail, so they started using this term there too.

  4. Who made pigtails?

    It was seen that the soldiers and sailors made it in the 18th century, and it became famous amongst them. Later it was observed that nautical use of Pigtail was described as a short length of rope. Nowadays, this style is often worn by little girls and also by adults to curl up their hair into coils and ringlets.

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