Why are some Tigers White?

Why Are White Tigers White? The Truth About White Tigers
Why are some Tigers White
  1. Do they have distinct species?

    They are very well-known as pseudo sanctuaries, breeders, and exhibitors as they induce more visitants and funds. Many people think that they have their own species, although that is not the truth. People believe that they are at the extinction stage, but they are just being bred to make more money as they look remarkably different.

  2. About white tigers

    They are rare, exotic and look really beautiful. They are indeed rare, but they are not the sub-species. They are kept alive purposefully by the private collectors and zoos for earning more money. White tigers are also called Bengal tigers; additionally, they are not albino forms.

  3. History of white tigers

    The white tigers’ inbreeding started in 1951 when a white tiger was taken from the wild and bred back to his daughters and granddaughters. Then for an extended period of time, people considered that all white tigers descended from this tiger.

    Later, it was found that a cross between a Bengal and Siberian tiger took place in 1976, and this is where the white tigers originated from. Now, these white tigers are not only inbred but also cross-bred. They are only born when two Bengal tigers who own a passive gene are bred together.

  4. Where do they occur?

    They mostly occurred in the wild and were seen in India’s tropical forests and jungles in the early 20th century. But now, they exist only in zoos, sanctuaries, and private collections. Because of their beauty, they have become popular and pretty expensive. One white tiger costs around $30,000-$60,000.

  5. Are any white tigers living?

    As per the reports, there are no white tigers alive, they were found in India, and the last white tiger was captured in May 1950s. It is said that the whole population of the white tiger was produced from one single white tiger.

  6. When was the first white tiger discovered?

    The first white tiger was witnessed between 48-1000 A.D. There were seven white tigers seen in Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan & Guangdong, China. In India, the first white tigers were seen in 1561 in Gwalior.

  7. Health problems

    There are an array of health issues that have been seen in the white tigers. The primary reasons behind the health problems are deliberate inbreeding to increase the population of white tigers. Some of the issues that have been observed in most of them are cross-eyes, vision problems, kidney issues, cleft palates, depth perception, and many more.

  8. Halt on breeding

    The Association of Zoos and Aquarium made a law; there have been banned breeding of white tigers. As the right source of white tigers is known; hence, the inbreeding could be stopped, resulting in better health conditions and a stoppage on the problems that occurred.

  9. White tiger appearance

    They appear light cream in colour and has grey and light brown stripes. The colour of their face fur is white, and its nose looks rose pink in colour. Their eyes are stunning as their colour is sapphire blue, but their eyes can be green and amber as well.

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