Why are some people very pessimistic?

Why Your Brain is Wired for Pessimism? Why are some people always pessimistic?
  1. Life disappointments

    Some people become pessimistic as a result of going through so many disappointments. Those people usually expect their misfortune to continue and their future to be an extension to their past.

  2. Built up negative beliefs

    Our thoughts come from our beliefs. As negative beliefs build up, a person tends to think negatively and assume that the worse will happen. A negative belief in a certain life area can result in pessimism in that same life area.

  3. Genetics vs environmental conditions

    Some studies claim that some people are born pessimists because of certain genes. However, if a person has certain genes, they usually don’t activate before the person passes through certain experiences.

  4. Negative programming

    The media, friends and family can program a person to think in a certain way. Because of the way messages are repeated over and over, a person’s way of thinking can change and he can become a pessimist.

  5. Anxiety and worrying promote pessimism

    A person who worries often and who suffers from anxiety might keep coming up with negative scenarios in his head. Because that person is too afraid of a certain thing, he keeps imagining it over and over in his head.

  6. Depression causes pessimism

    A person who gets depressed loses hope in getting what he wants. When a person loses hope, he becomes very pessimistic, as he can hardly think of any positive scenarios. (See How does it feel like to be depressed?)

  7. Religious beliefs affect optimism

    Most religions promote optimism. A person who believes in a certain religion that asks him to expect the best is more likely to be optimistic than a person who doesn’t follow any religion, assuming that there are no other differences between them.

  8. Negativity is contagious

    People infect each other with negativity. Studies have found that people who see the negative status of their friends on social networks are likely to think negatively even for a short period of time. Pessimism can result from being surrounded by negative people. (See Why some people leave negative comments on your social network posts?)

  9. Low self-esteem

    While some people who have high self-esteem are pessimistic, low self-esteem makes a person think that he can’t achieve his goals and as a result he might become pessimistic. The more a person believes in himself, the more optimistic he will become.

  10. Collecting the wrong experience

    Each person interprets the events that happen to him in a different way. By giving wrong meanings to so many events, a person can make so many negative conclusions about life and so assume that the worst is always going to happen.

  11. Guilt can lead to pessimism

    If a person believes he is not good or that he deserves punishment then he might assume that bad things are going to happen to him. It’s not uncommon for a person to believe that Karma will come after him for his bad deeds.

  12. Self-protection

    At the heart of pessimism can be the desire for self-protection. If a person is too scared to try something, he might become pessimistic in order to protect himself from ever trying it. The subconscious mind of a person usually uses this trick to keep him away from his fears.

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