Why are some people very patient?

How to train yourself to be more patient | Why are some people very patient?
  1. They don’t care much about time

    One of the main reasons some people are very impatient is that they are very conscious of time. People who don’t care much about time or who don’t always compare their progress to the clock can be very patient.

  2. They are Type Bs

    Type B personalities are laid back, relaxed and usually more patient than other people. Those people can delay important tasks without experiencing much guilt and are perceived as more patient by others.

  3. They don’t have busy lives

    Patient people might be ordinary people who don’t have busy lives. When a person has to meet so many important demands throughout the day he can easily become impatient.

  4. None of their important goals is delayed

    When a person doesn’t believe that he is late or when none of his important goals get delayed he usually becomes more patient than those who are striving to win the Race against time.

  5. They believe they have plenty of time

    One of the main factors contributing to patience is believing that you have plenty of time. People who aren’t in a hurry to succeed or who want to take their time to be well established can be much more patient than those who want to do things fast. (See Why some people want everything fast?)

  6. They know how long it takes to do something

    Impatient people usually underestimate the time they have to wait in a queue and this is one reason why they lose their patience fast. Patient people seem to know the right time it takes to do something and so they hardly lose their patience.

  7. They have high tolerance

    Patient people usually have high tolerance for uncertainty and pain than other people. This is why they can hold their grounds when things are bad until good things happen. (See Why are some people impatient?)

  8. They trained themselves

    Patience can be developed by training. Some people managed to become more patient after they practiced patience for some time.

  9. They have strong faith

    If person believes in something, in someone or in himself then he will become more patient simply because he will be more sure of the results. People can become impatient when they feel uncertain.

  10. They don’t multitask

    Multitasking can easily make a person impatient. Patient people usually have a life style that promotes patience. They usually don’t multitask or keep multitasking at minimum.

  11. They trust their long term plans

    A person can be patient if he believes that his long term plan will work. Patient people who have goals are the ones who believe in their long term plans.

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