Why are some people short tempered?

What is the reason behind the short tempers? Why do some people have such short tempers?
  1. Their anger gauge is already full

    People who have some unsolved problems that make them angry are very likely to lose their temper faster. The accumulation of such problems results in making the person’s anger gauge almost full that he explodes as soon as anything happens.

  2. They are projecting their anger

    People who can’t direct their anger in the right places usually become bad tempered and direct it at others. A man who is unable to respond to his boss who shouts at him often might become short tempered just to release some of the accumulated anger.

  3. They are being subjected to lots of stress

    People who work at stressful jobs or who are constantly being subjected to stress are very likely to become bad tempered. Stress reduces a person’s tolerance and makes it easier for him to lose his temper.

  4. They have low tolerance

    People who don’t have high tolerance usually lose their temper fast. A person who is unable to withstand an external stimuli is more likely to become bad tempered than a person who has a higher tolerance.

  5. They are impatient

    Impatience can contribute to short temper. A person who is very impatient is very likely to lose his temper fast compared to a patient person. (See Why are some people impatient?)

  6. They are insecure

    Sometimes a person loses his temper when he gets others totally wrong. People who are insecure usually believe that others are making fun of them or disrespecting them. Such a way of thinking can make a person lose his temper very often.

  7. They are dissatisfied with their lives

    People who are dissatisfied with their lives are more likely to lose their temper fast. The fact that those people are unhappy yet don’t have control over their lives motivates them to release some of the frustration they are experiencing through anger.

  8. They have poor communication skills

    Some people lose temper often because that’s the best strategy they know to communicate with people. The lack of proper communication skills can be one of the causes of frequent loss of temper.

  9. They Carry an anger Gene

    Behavior is determined by way the genes a person carries interact with the environmental conditions. While Genes alone can’t be blamed for behavior still they play a role in their development. One study have found a certain Gene that makes people more likely to get angry. (See How to identify jealous people?)

  10. They experience frequent loss of control

    Anger can be a person’s response to perceived loss of control. If a person experiences loss of control often then he is more likely to lose his temper.

  11. Their life style of very demanding

    People who have very demanding life styles and who are always busy are more likely to get angry than others who have a normal life. When too many things put a load on a person’s brain together he can very easily burst in anger.

  12. They have a psychological wound

    People who have gone through a very bad past experience might get angry if they believed this experience is about to get repeated. While the memory of the experience is usually unconscious still it motivates the person to get really angry in some occasions.

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