Why are some people impatient?

Why do people seem so impatient nowadays? Why People Are Impatient?
  1. They have low tolerance

    People who have low tolerance can hardly be able to withstand pain, uncertainty or unwanted emotions. Those people usually find it very hard to wait and so, are impatient.

  2. They believe they are late

    Some people believe that they are running late in achieving their goals. A person who thinks that he should have gotten promoted 2 years ago might start to develop impatience.

  3. They are very conscious of time

    Type A personalities and people who are very conscious of time usually become impatient quickly. Those people keep monitoring time constantly, and as a result, measure whatever they do in life against it.

  4. A method to achieve their goals faster

    Sometimes the mind uses impatience to motivate a person to achieve his goal faster. The fact that a person sometimes displays impatience and demands fast service is a proof that impatience can be used to have goals achieved quickly.

  5. When an important task is delayed

    On any normal occasion, a person might not experience impatience while waiting in a queue, but if he has something important to do, he might get impatient. In other words, impatience happens when one slow task threatens the completion of another important task.

  6. They have busy schedules

    People who have busy schedules are much more likely to experience impatience than those who have nothing to do. Because people who have lots of things to do usually race against time, any task that slows them down can result in impatience (See Why are some people very patient?)

  7. Believing that time is about to run out

    A woman who wants to get married and who also believes that she is getting older might become impatient with being in a relationship. When a person feels that time is about to run out, he usually experiences impatience, especially if the goal that person is after is important.

  8. Their expectations change

    If a person is waiting in a queue and is expecting the waiting time to be 5 minutes, he won’t grow impatient if the actual waiting time is below that. If, however, it took him 15 minutes, then he might get impatient because the task took longer than expected.

  9. They are goal-oriented

    People who have lots of goals to achieve and who are generally more goal-oriented are more likely to experience impatience. In one theory, impatience is a way the mind uses to help the person reach important goals faster. If a person doesn’t have goals, he won’t experience impatience.

  10. Impatience can be partial

    A person can be very impatient when it comes to wanting to find a job, but he can be patient when waiting in a queue. The fact that impatience happens only when an important goal is threatened is the reason why a person can be patient in some areas but totally impatient in others. (See Why some people want everything fast?)

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