Why are some people Extroverts?

What makes some people extroverts and other introverts? Why are some people Extroverts?
  1. They like novelty

    According to one theory, extroverts might get more motivated by novelty than introverts, and as a result, they might seek new connections and relationships.

  2. They process less information

    According to a German psychologist, Hans Eysenck, extroverts process less information per second than introverts, and as a result, they don’t get overwhelmed by parties or loud places.

  3. More sensitive to rewards

    According to one theory, extroverts are more sensitive to rewards than introverts, and as a result, they constantly keep seeking social rewards. (See 20 Signs That You Are Emotionally Sensitive)

  4. Their attention is focused outwards

    According to Carl Jung, who used some research findings to create his theory, extroverts’ attention is focused outwards while introverts’ energy is focused inwards.

  5. They are mentally healthy

    According to one theory, all people should be extroverts but the ones who develop certain disorders, such as excessive shyness become introverted.

  6. Their brains focus on people

    In one study, it was shown that introverts process the images of faces the same way they process images of flowers, while extroverts showed a much stronger response to human faces. This could be one reason why extroverts seek new connections. (See The body language of introverts)

  7. They take more risks

    According to one theory, extroverts talk more to people because they can handle taking social risks, whereas introverts might fear taking this step.

  8. They have a different brain structure

    According to one study, blood flows more to certain areas of the brain of an extrovert, while introverts experience more blood flow in other areas. These differences might be the reason why they are motivated by different things.

  9. They have different genes

    According to one theory, extroversion and introversion are connected to a person’s genes. According to this theory, the presence of certain genes can make a person extroverted.

  10. They have unmet social needs

    According to one theory, unmet social needs such as the desire to be popular can be the main reason why a person becomes an extrovert.

  11. They have thinner grey matter

    According to a study done by Harvard, extroverts have thinner grey matter in some brain areas, and as a result, their brains tend to focus more on the moment.

  12. People are a source of energy

    Extroverts find social situations thrilling and often get energy from being around other people. Some people may view this as fake but in reality extroverts just thrive in group settings.

  13. They are less self-inhibited

    A general sense of confidence makes it easy for extroverts to have many friends and be in large groups. When you don’t focus on other people’s thoughts as you speak it is much easier for these interaction to occur.

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