Why are some people better public speakers than others?

Why are some people extraordinary speakers? What makes a good public speaker?
  1. They are charismatic

    Some people are naturally charismatic and have good control over the stage, which makes public speaking for them a piece of cake.

  2. They had a lot of practice

    People who practiced public speaking intensively have no problem speaking in front of crowds no matter how big they are or how important the event is.

  3. They are well-prepared

    Being well-prepared is the key to being a good public speaker, as not everyone prepares for their presentations or speeches well.

  4. They are passionate about what they’re doing

    Being passionate about what you’re doing helps deliver a great speech, as opposed to those who are forced to present or give a speech about something. (See How do I Find my Passion?)

  5. They are self-confident

    People who are self-confident usually find no problem giving public speeches. On the other hand, people with low self-confidence might encounter difficulties when trying to speak in front of an audience. (See Video Summary: The skill of self confidence by Dr. Ivan Joseph)

  6. They understand their audience

    People who are good public speakers understand what their audience wants to listen to and work on providing them with a fun and informative speech.

  7. They are being themselves

    Good public speakers don’t try to portray a fake persona or be someone else. They present their true selves and don’t try to imitate anyone else.

  8. They don’t memorize

    Memorizing a speech only makes it appear mechanical and bores the audience. Good public speakers study the topic and speak from their minds without memorization.

  9. They’re good storytellers

    Being a good storyteller comes in handy when giving a public speech since the speaker manages to engage the audience and keep them interested.

  10. They use body language

    Speakers who use positive body language techniques come off as better public speakers because they use the space around them and make eye contact with the audience.

  11. They keep it short

    Speeches that are not too long manage to deliver across the message better than ones that last for hours.

  12. They interact with the audience

    Interacting with the audience is a key element in public speaking to ensure that the audience is interested and contributing to the speech.

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