Why Are Red and Green Traditional Christmas Colors?

Why is red the Colour of Christmas? Why Christmas Colors Are Green & Red?
  1. Colours of Christmas

    Various colours are associated with Christmas, but the first thing that comes to mind when someone says Christmas are The Christmas tree and Santa Claus. When it comes to decoration, mostly two colours are used red and green. These colours have a great significance attached to Christmas.

  2. Importance of green colour

    The green colour is correlated with life and conundrum, even before Jesus was born. Almost all the trees die in winter, but only holy bushed and fir trees remain evergreen and outlive. People started believing that it was magic, and people began worshipping them. It was because of this reason that the colour green is associated with life.

  3. Significance of colour red

    As green colour is associated with God’s birth, the red colour is linked with blood and death. Both these colours collectively signify Jesus Christ’s birth, death and rebirth. Another reason why red is used is because of Paradise Play.

  4. About Paradise Play

    It was the narrative about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is a viral story in which God asked both of them not to eat the fruit from the Tree of Good and Evil; however, they did not follow the instruction. Thus, they were expelled from paradise.

    During winters, apple trees were unfruitful; therefore, people would fasten apples to it manually to show good and evil tree. With time, people started using this at home and decorating the tree with apples or other accessories.

  5. Another story of using these colours

    It is believed that in ancient times Romans used to celebrate a festival called Saturnalia. In this festival, they honour God Saturn, and this was celebrated every year from 17 December to 23 December. They would enhance their places with small dolls called sigillaria on the branches of evergreen trees at this festival. With time, evergreen trees and berries became a symbol of the merry season.

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