Why are people afraid of storms?

What causes the fear of thunder and lightning? Why am I afraid of thunder? Why are people afraid of storms?
  1. Unpredictable series of events unfold

    One of the primary reasons that many people are afraid of storms is its unpredictability. Rain and wind could suddenly change their intensity and velocity; lightning could strike several times in a day, and so on. Many people consider these volatile things to be scary.

  2. Total loss of control

    You might see some people in your surroundings or at home, who are experiencing a total loss of control, which might lead you to panic as well. As at the time when the storm is about to come, it is difficult for people to believe and endure it.

  3. Loss of vision occurs regularly

    During the period of speedy winds or vigorous storm conditions, a person’s vision can be affected. Usually, dust id carried away with the strong winds or rain, making a person’s vision vague. It could be one of the reasons why people are scared of storms.

  4. The storm can lead to death

    The storm is capable of putting one’s life in huge risks. The reasons are pretty evident as the wind could overturn trees, make things fly in the air, even lightening could take the lives of people by striking them. (See What does it feel like to die?)

  5. Childhood fears

    Some people have a phobia for storms since they were children, making them carry over their fears into adulthood as they could not get over them.

  6. Intense darkness during the storms

    Storms usually appear at night. Even if it appears in the daytime, it will reduce the intensity of light, making the surroundings darker. Because of this darkness, some people are afraid of storms.

  7. Learned response from others

    Some people get influenced by their company. If they are in the company of a person who is immensely scared of storms, they will also start having the same feeling as his mirror neurons changed his reaction to that of a frightened person.

  8. Disruption in sleep

    Storms can be boisterous and can make you experience sudden wake-ups. Sleep is the state where rest is expected to the mind, soul, and body. However, if anything is causing abrupt disturbances, these feelings can escalate into a panic attack. (See How to Have a Good Night Sleep?)

  9. Reminds them of life’s fragility and death

    Some people get the feeling that they are going to die during the storm, which makes them afraid of storms.

  10. Shock the senses

    Lightning and thundershock the hearing senses of a person. This makes those people’s senses exposed to additional stress and includes symptoms such as all-over body shaking.

  11. Flood could arise

    Storms may be an indication of devastating floods as heavy rainfalls often accompany them. This is terrifying for some people as the floods can be way too devastating in terms of their lives or properties.

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