Why are people afraid of storms?

What causes the fear of thunder and lightning? Why am I afraid of thunder? Why are people afraid of storms?

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  1. 1 Total loss of control

    When a storm occurs, people cannot control it and have to endure it. The fact that a total loss of control occurs in somebody's surroundings scares some people.

  2. 2 Unpredictable series of events unfold

    Storms aren't predictable - lightning could strike 10 times or 100 times, rain and wind could suddenly change their intensity and so on. The unpredictability of the storm as an event is what makes some people afraid of it.

  3. 3 Storms put a person in harm's way

    Storms can be very dangerous - lightning could strike a person, wind could overturn trees and send objects flying through the air. Being exposed to a storm puts one's life in harm's way.

  4. 4 Loss of vision occurs often

    Strong rains or winds that carry dust can easily obscure a person's vision. The loss of vision is what makes some people afraid as they have less of a sense of what is going on around them.

  5. 5 Lightning and thunder shock the senses

    Lightning and thunder occur fast and shock the senses, especially someone's hearing. This makes some people afraid, as their senses are exposed to additional stress.

  6. 6 Childhood fears are carried over

    Some people are afraid of storms because they had bad experiences of it in their childhood. They then carried over those fears into their adulthood.

  7. 7 Reminds them of life's fragility and death

    Storms remind some people of life's fragility and death - this makes those people afraid of them.

  8. 8 Sudden wake ups during sleep

    Storms can often make a person wake up during their sleep. Since sleep is a state where rest and relaxation are expected, anything that brings that to an abrupt end is very stressful to the body and mind. These sudden disturbances of rest and peace can make people afraid of storms.

  9. 9 Unpredictable lightning strikes

    During storms, lightning can strike and even kill. Their striking pattern is unpredictable so that makes some people afraid of storms.

  10. 10 Learned response from others

    So many people learn their fears by observing others. If a person was in the company of a fearful person during a storm, he might become afraid as his mirror neurons changed his reaction to that of a fearful person.

  11. 11 Floods are a possibility

    Most storms are accompanied by heavy rains which can bring about devastating floods. These floods can cause loss of lives and destroy someone's property.

  12. 12 Increased darkness during the storms

    During storms, the amount of light decreases, causing the surrounding area to become darker. Some people are more afraid during the nighttime and storms remind them of that.

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