Why are Egyptians loud?

Egypt: A City Where You Can’t Hear Yourself Scream | Loud Egyptians and Why!
  1. They come from big families

    Many Egyptians come from big families that often talk loudly due to the big number of family members and their desire to be heard.

  2. They interrupt each other

    Egyptians often interrupt each other and overlap when they’re talking, which could make them raise their voices in order to be heard.

  3. They live in a noisy environment

    Most cities in Egypt are known for being loud and noisy, which could be an indirect influence on the people who become loud in order to adapt to their environment.

  4. They have a hot temper

    Many Egyptians have hot tempers, which could be the main reason why some of them speak loudly and/or angrily all the time. (See Why are some people short tempered?)

  5. The widespread of street vendors

    Street vendors can be found in many parts of Egypt, which could lead some people to believe that Egyptians are loud because vendors sell their products by shouting in the streets.

  6. Due to overpopulation

    Egypt’s overpopulation problem is one reason behind Egyptians being loud, as people need to raise their voices in the streets and public spaces in order to be heard over the sound of traffic and people talking and sometimes fighting.

  7. Due to constant traffic jams

    The prevalence of traffic jams in many parts of Egypt is one reason behind Egyptians’ loudness, as they have to raise their voices in order to be heard while people incessantly use their car horns and yell at each other in traffic.

  8. It’s in their culture

    Egypt is known for its extravagant wedding parties, loud mourning events and public call to prayers, which could be an indirect effect on the loudness of the people. (See Why some Americans are loud?)

  9. They don’t notice that they’re loud

    Some Egyptians don’t even notice that they’re loud and only notice when someone points it out. This is because they’ve gotten used to the noisy and loud environment they live in.

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