Why are children used in horror films?

Why horror movies are obsessed with creepy kids, dolls, and clowns? The Use of Children in Horror Films
  1. They are unpredictable

    Children are very unpredictable. They have a vivid imagination that can be magnificent or terrifying.

  2. The theme of lost innocence

    Children are universally perceived as innocent beings who can’t cause harm. It is for that reason that directors and producers use them in horror films.

  3. They are everywhere

    Children are found in most families. It’s far more terrible to imagine that someone who is so innocent can be next to you and cause horror.

  4. They are open to ideas

    Children are what most people see as raw material for learning and observing. It is a lot easier to make a child do something terrible than convince an adult with it.

  5. For plot twists

    The use of children in horror elements isn’t new. It makes a great plot twist when the cause of horror is the child in a movie.

  6. The purity

    Children are pure, so when they are evil, it is the idea of pure evil that is terrifying. (See Why Do Some People Like Horror Movies?)

  7. It’s difficult to hate them

    It’s difficult for most people to hate children. So, when you realize that a child is the cause of terror, you can’t help but have mixed feelings that disable you from thinking clearly.

  8. The desire to help them

    Most people would rather help the possessed or lost child than step away from them. That always gives a movie some sort of longevity. (See A list of Survival Horror Movies)

  9. Fear of the unknown

    Children are unpredictable. So, it’s the fear of the unknown that’s haunting after discovering that a child is the cause of horror.

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