Why are Baldur’s Gate games popular?

Baldur’s Gate: The Legacy of a PC Gaming Classic | Why Baldur’s Gate Is My Favorite Game of All-Time
  1. Epic yet personal story

    Unlike many other roleplaying games that are only epic, Baldur’s gate story is both epic and personal at the same time. The story revolves around the main character but also affects the world the adventure takes place in.

  2. Memorable companions and villains

    All the companions and villains were carefully written and voiced, so they remained memorable even after many years have passed. Interesting characters are still considered the strongest legacy of this series.

  3. Combat is exciting

    Combat in Baldur’s Gate series requires strategic thinking and tactics. Many different enemies will attack the player during the game and each have thier own special attacks and tactics. This often results in exciting combat as the end results are unpredictable.

  4. The player has a freedom of choice

    The player is free to roam the world and solve the quests on his own terms and in the order he prefers. Also, he is free to make a character suited to his own preferences – human wizard, elven thief, dwarven warrior among others.

  5. Advanced tactics are there for strategy fans

    The game’s system is well suited for players that like to take their time in combat and optimize their combat strategies to perfection. This is more like an exciting game of chess, where a single wrong decision could turn the tide of battle.

  6. Challenging encounters

    The game features many boss-like battles. These enemies could defeat even the best parties if they’re not careful enough. If they are defeated, valuable rewards are acquired and reputation is greatly increased – this motivates the players to take their chances and engage them. (See 12 Reasons Angry Birds Is So Successful & Popular)

  7. Continuous progress of story and character building

    The player goes from being an orphan to becoming a legendary figure rubbing shoulders with the greatest. This is achieved over a long period of 2 full games and 2 expansions. Continuous progress and reward systems motivate the players to push on.

  8. Memorable orchestral music

    The orchestral and epic music enhances the experience of the game. Today many games have orchestral music, but at the time Baldur’s Gate was one of the first to offer a unique and high quality orchestral soundtrack. (See Why was Maplestory so popular?)

  9. Famous voice actors lend their voices

    The companions and villains are voiced by famous movie and TV actors. The voice actors didn’t voice over every line of dialog but only the most memorable ones – which made them stick with players for many years.

  10. Interesting and beautiful locations

    The game takes place in many interesting locations which are obscured by a temporary ‘fog of war’. The constant experience of novelty and beauty motivates the players to explore entire maps in order to reveal hidden eye-candy.

  11. Balanced for majority of players

    The game features the right amount of dialog and combat to satisfy the two largest groups of roleplaying game players – those interested in the story and those interested in combat and loot.

  12. Active fan-base continues to create new content

    Game fans are still very active, even 15 years after the release. There are literally gigabytes and gigabytes of fan modifications made for this game – new adventures, characters, artwork and similar things

  13. The game was very influential for other game developers

    Baldur’s Gate series was voted the most popular and influential game among other game developers from all around the world. This additionally boosted the series’ popularity among those uncertain of their quality.

  14. Enhanced Editions restored interest in the series

    The games recently received a makeover making it run better on tablets and modern computers. This exposed the game to younger generations of gamers and increased their existing popularity.

  15. New expansion pack ‘Siege of Dragonspear’ restored interest in the series

    A new expansion pack for the game ‘Siege of Dragonspear’ adds additional 25 hours of gameplay. This made people become interested once again in the games because of this new content.

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