Why Apple Stores Were a Massive Success?

The Secret to the Success of Apple's Retail Stores | Why Apple Stores Were a Massive Success?

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  1. 1 The stores were placed in populated areas

    While most PC retailers had their stores in far places Steve jobs insisted that the apple stores are placed inside malls and in public places to increase the number of people who will visit the store (See why jobs was so persuasive).

  2. 2 The store design was totally different

    While other retailers stacked up products and lined them together to make the best out of the store space the Apple store was designed to give people enough room to move, to make its few products stand out and to make the products seem worth more money.

  3. 3 The checkout process was very easy

    Apple made sure that a person can make a purchase in seconds. All Representatives in the store have hand held devices that can withdraw money from customer's credit cards on the spot. This made the purchasing process much easier and helped increase sales.

  4. 4 The staff was perfectly trained to help customers with their needs

    The Apple store staff were perfectly trained to understand the customer's needs then to recommend the solution in the form of Apple products. The staff have a high technical knowledge and this is why they can easily spot the consumer's needs and recommend products.

  5. 5 The stores looked different

    Apple spend a lot of money designing the stores. Steve jobs himself was inside the first store arranging items and suggesting places of things. Apple paid extreme attention to the store design and this is why the store had a much better appeal than all competing stores.

  6. 6 The company had full control over the retail experience

    Apple stores were able to deliver superior customer service because apple had full control over the retail experience. A goal that it wouldn't have managed to achieve if it held on to just having a show room in other computer stores.

  7. 7 Apple sold experiences not products

    Apple's strategy in the store was to sell an experience not a product. With careful control over everything in the store the experience became so pleasant that people used to come to the store to enjoy the experience even if they bought nothing (See why the Apple watch is so expensive).

  8. 8 Customers are empowered

    unlike other retailers where products were tightly sealed in their boxes most apple products were in display, turned on and connected to the internet. This allowed customers to experience products before they bought and this led to increased sales.

  9. 9 Apple stores helped people achieve more

    Steve jobs insisted that the store becomes more than just a selling point. The strategy Apple had was to make a store a place where the customer is educated, enriched and helped achieve his important goals usin technology. Satisfied customers led to more sales.

  10. 10 Each product was made to seem very precious

    Because each product had its own big display space and because Apple had few products each product seemed very previous. This move was aligned with Apple's strategy to create few outstanding products rather than creating so many mediocre ones.

  11. 11 Apple thought differently about retail

    Apple adopted new strategies that weren't popular back then such as making the store big and displaying few products. Apple got criticized for its stores but shortly their strategy was proven right. The fact that Apple thought differently about store design helped it achieve bigger results.

  12. 12 The Apple genius bar attracted more people

    Apple created what it called a Genius bar in every sore. A place where customers can talk to experts and know how to solve their technical problems.

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