Why Apple Stores Were a Massive Success?

The Secret to the Success of Apple’s Retail Stores | Why Apple Stores Were a Massive Success?
  1. The location of every store was perfect

    Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, who died in 2011, focused primarily on the retail stores’ location of Apple. He insisted on placing Apple stores, mainly in populated areas such as central markets, and shopping malls. He believed high footfall is imperative to prosper.

  2. The checkout process was hassle-free

    Apple was offering effortless check-in and checkout process to all its customers. People coming to the Apple stores started gaining confidence that they could make a purchase of any of their products within seconds. The executives in the store carried card devices facilitating the money withdrawal procedure from customer’s debit or credit cards.

  3. The checkout process was very easy

    While other PC retailers did not focus much on the store’s interior, Apple followed a different strategy to captivate more customers. Apart from focusing on the store’s interior, they provided people with enough room to move inside the store. The store managers were told to line the products in the middle, and the corners of the store, making the store look big, and the product seem more valuable.

  4. The stores were one of a kind

    Steve Jobs designed stores uniquely and exquisitely. He suggested how to arrange and place things in the store after comprehending to customer’s psychology. (See Why was Steve Jobs so persuasive?)

  5. The staff was friendly and proficient

    The staff was highly skilled to understand the customer’s needs and provide the solution to them accordingly. Steve Jobs always believed that customer service is a foremost thing that has the potential to create or deteriorate the success path. The staff appointed for Apple stores have a high technical knowledge and swiftly solve the customer’s problems.

  6. Apple sold experiences not products

    Apple was consistently trying to improve and enhance its customer’s experience. Even if the customers did not have any plans to buy their product, they would still come to visit their store to enjoy the astounding experience and sometimes go for the purchase. (See Why is the iPhone so expensive?)

  7. Apple had full control over the retail experience

    One of the biggest reasons why Apple’s business was thriving and delivering enhanced customer experience is that it has complete control over the retail experience.

  8. Each product was designed as very precious

    Every product launched by Apple was designed meticulously to make it worth more money. Also, Apple had a few products released every year, making it more valuable as it believes in the policy of creating a few brilliant products rather than creating ordinary ones.

  9. USP’s

    Apple has unique selling points that were not common back then when it was establishing its brand value, such as displaying minimal, exclusive products, and making the store spacious. Also, it’s interface was unique, and the features it was offering was not offered by any other brand.

  10. Apple stores helped people in achieving more, as per their needs

    Apple always focused on customer satisfaction. Steve Jobs believed until the customer is not satisfied with the product, the company can never flourish. This strategy brings in more customers to its stores where the customers are educated, enriched, and achieve their goals using the technology.

  11. The Apple genius bat attracted more people

    Apple created the Genius Bar and hired experts for all the customers visiting their stores. Their primary purpose is to solve the technical problems faced by the customers.

  12. Customers are empowered

    ‘If you have got it, flaunt it,’ Apple always was confident about its products due to which they still kept their products in display, unlike other retail stores. This allowed customers to experience their products before the purchase and promoted customer empowerment.

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