Why Adele’s “Hello” became so popular?

What makes Adele’s song ‘Hello’, so popular? Why Is Adele’s “Hello” Such a Smash?
  1. Adele was away for 4 years

    Adele disappeared for 4 years, so when she released her new song, all her fans were excited and started sharing it everywhere. As a result, the song spread very fast.

  2. The autumn atmosphere of the video was a good choice

    It was smart of Adele to return to that sepia-toned eternal autumn and deliver a classic ballad that aggressively conveyed all the emotions in a simple way. The song’s atmosphere matches today’s weather which puts the listener in the mood immediately.

  3. Adele expressed her emotions perfectly

    Adele’s vocals and facial expressions were extremely strong, giving many people chills. Many people could also relate to the lyrics. ‘If you want the same emotional roller coaster effect as a Nicholas Sparks book, just save yourself some time and watch this video’, said one of her fans.

  4. Many people remembered Lionel Richie

    The opening line of Adele’s song starts with her singing ‘Hello… it’s me,’ which made many listeners automatically remember Lionel Richie’s classic line: ‘Hello… is it me you’re looking for?’

  5. The video is an example of an interracial relationship

    Interracial relationships are becoming more common and have grown during the past few years by about 30%. However, NPR has pointed out that pop music usually doesn’t reflect that. Many people respected her for choosing the leading man of a different color than her own.

  6. This song was Adele’s comeback after having a child

    Studies show that 43% of women leave their jobs after giving birth. However, Adele came back strong after her break, with her video breaking 2 millions views in less than 24 hours. Many women stood by her side and idolized her willpower. (See Why Taylor Swift is so popular?)

  7. Adele has a truly pure, natural voice

    In today’s industry, everyone is using auto-tune and lip-sync. On the other hand, Adele’s vocals were extremely strong and emotional, resulting in an attractive and appealing voice.

  8. Adele apologized for hurting someone

    Unlike most of the other female singers, Adele wasn’t complaining about getting hurt by someone; she was regretful and apologetic about what she did. The song speaks to a large number of women, as these types of songs are lacking in the industry. (See What made Gigi Hadid famous?)

  9. Adele was making up with herself in the song

    Many people thought that ‘Hello’ is like ‘Someone Like You’, which is about an ex-boyfriend. However, some listeners came up with the theory that the meaning of ‘Hello’ isn’t about reconnecting with an ex-boyfriend, but is about Adele reconnecting with herself, which started many discussions.

  10. Many celebrities tweeted about the song

    Celebrities such as Sam Smith, Katy Perry, Russell Crowe and Chloe Grace Moretz tweeted about how much they loved the new song, which made many of their fans check it out, and consequently tweet about it as well.

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