Why 13 Reasons Why TV is a good show?

Is 13 Reasons Why a good TV series? Why 13 Reasons Why TV is a good show?
  1. It can reduce suicidal cases among teens

    As per the opinion, the show ’13 Reasons Why’ can reduce suicidal cases, especially among teens seeking help and want to talk about their problems. This show can significantly influence the teens who were not talking about their issues earlier, but after watching it, they might feel to discuss the concerns with their parents or someone close to them.

  2. It raises pivotal concerns

    The show illustrates some teens who are into bullying, assaulting, and harassing other teens. That’s why some teens get so traumatized that they find it easy to take their own lives rather than suffering every day at school. This show can inspire teens and let them discover ways to tackle these types of problems.

  3. It informs parents about teens

    The show enables the parents to see the full picture from a teen’s perspective. It may happen with most teens that they are not telling about the problems they are facing in school, which increases anxiety among the child and could worsen as time passes. However, if parents understand them and discuss matters about their life, it will provide them with tremendous support and increase their morale.

  4. It portrays the teenager’s notion

    Some teenagers do not tell anyone about their problems or anything about their suffering. Telling anyone close to them will make them feel better. If they would have talked about what is the matter of concern, or what are the problems they are facing, it will not let them take their lives. After watching this show, the parents will be able to understand their child better.

  5. It can encourage people to become kinder

    13 Reasons Why can teach kindness. The show is basically about a girl who was ignored by everyone, be it their classmates, friends, or acquainted people. She was also bullied, assaulted, and harassed by many of the students of her school. These were the reasons she committed suicide when she was not able to abide. Seeing all this can make the viewers kinder.

  6. The show is fascinating

    The script, story, and the entire concept was purposeful and very interesting. It combined mystery with storytelling and depicted flawlessly. (See Why do people binge-watch TV shows?)

  7. It can help improving schools

    In case a teen is distressed, and the school knows about their student trauma and perceive what they are going through, they should immediately contact their parents and sort the matter. By practicing personalization, they will be able to provide a better learning environment to their students.

  8. It was a recognized TV show

    The show gained utmost recognition by viewers and critics for its story, performance of each actor, direction, visuals, and improvement upon the source material.

  9. It is based on a hot-selling novel

    The show is based on the novel named ’13 Reasons Why?’. The show is based on the same story and depicted it meticulously. (See Why some people prefer Books over Movies?)

  10. It can help people know about warning signs

    It can immensely help the child’s parents know about their child better so that they can prevent these suicide cases and help save their lives.

  11. The entire casting was perfect

    All the actors working in 13 Reasons Why acted really well. They made us experience the real picture of how, and to what extent a teenager can be secluded and detached.

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