Who was a Student of Socrates?

Who was Socrates? What was Socrates known for? When was Socrates born? Was Plato a Student of Socrates? Who was the Student of Plato?
who was a student of Socrates
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When we talk about philosophy, we talk about a famous figure from Athens, Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher. His contribution to philosophy is countless in such a way that people still give his examples when they think about life philosophies. Do you know who was a student of Socrates? Well, we are going to get into the depth of it. Furthermore, we will also find out if Aristotle was a student of Plato and if was Plato a student of Socrates. So let’s get started!

1. Who was Socrates? What was Socrates known for?

Socrates is a very big name in the field of philosophy. He was a great Greek philosopher whose knowledge penetrated deeply into western philosophy. He is widely known as the Father of Western Philosophy. His way of life, character, and thoughts was so profound that people could do nothing but believe in them and that is how he shaped his philosophies. When we think about the major contributions to the Greek philosophies, we recall Socrates only. The reason why western philosophy stands so strong is mainly that it is supported by Socrates’ contribution.

Socrates was not only a philosopher; he also studied music, grammar, and gymnastic. He started his journey as a sculptor, following his father’s Profession and was noted as an exceptional artist. He also served as a soldier, until the Oracle at Delphi told him that he was the wisest man in the world. Since he was so hell-bent on proving the Oracle wrong he actually ended up proving his point and became a famous philosopher. (See Why is philosophy important today?)

2. When was Socrates born? How did Socrates die?

A sculptor Sophroniscus and a midwife Phaenarete welcomed Socrates into the world in Athens during the year 469/470 BCE. Socrates was unable to claim regal lineage like Plato because his family was neither exceptionally wealthy nor indigent. He grew up in the political districts or townships of Alopece. When he became 18, he started carrying out the typical political responsibilities required by male Athenians. These included enrolment in the Assembly, formulating military strategy, and mandatory service in the military. 

Although when we talk about the death of Socrates, we can say that he died of poisoning as per Plato, who was a student of Socrates. He spent his last days in prison with his followers and friends. The renowned philosopher was sentenced to death by taking poison in Athens, Greece, on February 15, 399 BC. Socrates also received the death penalty for perpetrating inconceivable offences like:

  • Rejecting the gods that the state recognised.
  • Inventing new gods.
  • Defiling the virtues of children.

Even after considering all the misdeeds, Socrates shouldn’t have been given such harsh punishment as he was sentenced to death by the jury. The death punishment at that time was administered by Athenian law by giving a cup of hemlock, a plant whose poison was so lethal that made some believe that Socrates later attempted suicide. Also, check out Who killed Lapu-Lapu?

3. Who taught Socrates?

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One thing that people wonder a lot about is where did Socrates get his teachings from. The man who believed that he knew nothing, definitely knew something and that came from a priestess. Being a seer she was the reason how Socrates got to know about the Art of Eros. The name of this priestess was Diotima meaning, she who honours Zeus. (See Who Painted the Last Supper in the Sistine Chapel?)

4. What was Socrates’ Philosophy in Life?

The philosophers who came before him are known as the pre-Socratics. According to Socrates’ philosophy, You will learn when you examine life rather than when you arrive at a solution. Philosophy is split into what appeared before and what followed after Socrates, because of the intellectual influence he had on how people think. (See What is Human Existence In Philosophy?)

5. List 5 Famous Socrates Quotes

Socrates has given origin to many of the famous quotes that are widely used across the world now. The most famous 5 are:

  • True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.
  • Death maybe the greatest of all human blessings.
  • He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth is nature.
  • To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.
  • I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing. 

6. Who was a Student of Socrates? Who was Socrates’s most Famous Student?

who was a student of Socrates
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Two questions were covered at the beginning- who was a student of Socrates and was Plato a student of Socrates or not? The student of Socrates is Plato and yes, he was the most eminent disciple as well as his most famous student.

As a student of Socrates, Plato included his mentor in nearly all of his discourses, which serve as the foundation for Western philosophy. Plato authored the fundamental philosophical writings of the ancient world, which definitely has an impact on worldly knowledge, after giving up his literary endeavours and devoted himself to Socrates, even in his final days. (See What were King Philip II of Spain Accomplishments?)

7. Was Plato a Student of Socrates?

Yes, Plato was the one who was a student of Socrates. When he was a young man, Plato belonged to the group that included Socrates. The compositions of Plato’s ideas that are regarded as Socratic are an accurate representation of what the real Socrates was up to. He would ask men who claimed to be experts to explain certain aspects of human greatness, such as bravery, devotion, and so forth, or occasionally the entirety of goodness, and they frequently stumbled in their claims. Also, Socrates’ work served as Plato’s inspiration for his philosophical ideas. (See Was Jesus Really a Carpenter?)

8. Who was the Student of Plato? Was Aristotle a Student of Plato?

Besides who was a student of Socrates, the question that churned our minds is if Aristotle was a student of Plato. You will get the answer as yes, Aristotle was a student of Plato. Being an influential thinker in western history he is also a Greek philosopher. He gained knowledge from Plato and founded the Peripatetic School of philosophy. His knowledge extends to ethics, poetry, physics, biology, and much more.

He created a philosophical and scientific system that served as the foundation and medium for both mediaeval Islamic philosophy and Christian Scholasticism. Aristotelian ideas persisted in Western thought even after the intellectual transformations of the Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment. (Also read What is the One Factor that led to the Emergence of Romanticism?)

9. Who was a Student of Plato and tutored Alexander the Great?

Aristotle: who was a student of Socrates 4
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Aristotle of Stagira was invited to Macedon by Phillip II to tutor his son Alexander, later known as Alexander the Great to the world. This Greek philosophy, as originally conceived by Socrates, was disseminated during and after Alexander’s triumphs throughout the known planet. Also, check out how would you explain the rise of Napoleon?

Hope you got answers to who was a student of Socrates and whether was Plato a student of Socrates or not. You also understood that Aristotle was a student of Plato, and learned how they altogether played a major role in philosophy. 

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