Who Invented Tissue Paper?

What is Tissue Paper and its Different Types? What is Toilet Paper and What was used before its Invention? Who invented Toilet Paper? What are the Alternatives to Toilet Paper? Why should you Avoid using Toilet Paper?
Who Invented Tissue Paper

With the evolution of mankind, there have been various inventions. Some inventions advanced with time while others just ceased to exist. Well, tissue paper has survived the rough path. While we are on the topic, I just wondered who invented tissue paper and when. Let us find out about this along with who invented toilet paper in 1857 and who invented toilet paper roll. You will know about all of these as you continue reading the article.

1. What is Tissue Paper?

Box of tissue: who invented tissue paper 2

Thin crêpe like paper mostly used for wiping hands and faces in our day-to-day lives is known as tissue paper. They are available in different packs and mostly have the same dimensions. Different types of tissues are available on the market. (See What is a Chuckwagon?)

2. Who used Water in Old Times?

They were Europeans who preferred water over some dry piece of paper. Also, people from Islamic culture always preferred to use water except in extreme conditions when water is not available. (See Where Did Chili Originate?)

3. Who invented Tissue Paper?

Paper was invented in China and so is tissue paper. In the work of Yan Zhitui, a Chinese painter, musician, writer, calligrapher, and philosopher in which he mentions that the paper that is used for writing the quotations and commentaries from the Five Classics (the authoritative book of Confucianism written in Chinese) or contains the names of sages must not be used for toilet purposes. This written record is estimated to be from the 2nd century BC. So Chinese are the ones who invented tissue paper. (Also read Who invented Paper and When?)

4. What are the Different Types of Tissue Papers?

Colorful wrapping tissues.

There are various types of tissues available on the market and toilet paper is also one type of tissue paper.

  • Facial tissues are used to wipe the face and as a make-up remover. They come in sachets and packs.
  • Hygienic tissue paper is the one used to wipe after defecating. It can also be used to dry your hands after you wash them.
  • Paper towels are available in rolls that are used in the kitchen as a substitute for kitchen towels.
  • Specialty tissues are found in boxes to cushion the fragile items.
  • Wrapping tissues are like gift wrappers and are available in different colors. (See Features and Types of Bale)

5. What is Toilet Paper?

It is a type of tissue paper that is used for cleansing purposes after urination and defecating. Toilet paper is available in a roll which is known as a toilet roll or loo roll. (Also read How does a Thermos Work?)

6. What was used before Toilet Paper?

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  • Before answering who invented tissue paper, you must know that there were public toilets in Rome that had a long stick with a sponge on one end of it. They wipe themselves and store it in a jar filled with Sodium.
  • The Greeks used clay, while in the coastal regions, coconut husks and mussel shells were used.
  • The Eskimos used snow or moss, while the Vikings used wool.
  • The Mayans and the Colonial Americans used the inner cob of the corn.
  • In other parts of the world, moss, leaves, pieces of clothes, bamboo spatulas, and ceramic pieces are used to clean after the washroom visit. (See What Does 3D Mean?)

7. When did People start using Toilet Paper?

It was during the Tang Dynasty, that an Arab traveler mentioned that people used to wipe themselves with paper. Then, in the 14th century, records tell us that annually 1000 to 10,000 sheets of toilet paper were produced, alone in Zhejiang, the Republic of China. (See Who invented money?)

8. Who invented Toilet Paper in 1857?

An American inventor, Joseph C. Gayetty, is known to have invented the modern toilet paper that is being used. He used pure Manila hemp paper and lubricated it with aloe. It was on 8th December 1857, that his product was marketed for the first time. And in the same year, his product was titled the Greatest Necessity of the Age. (See Who Invented the Zipper?)

9. Who invented Toilet Paper Roll?

Toilet paper roll: who invented tissue paper 3

It was Clarence Scott and Edward Irvin Scott, two brothers who founded the Scott paper company in 1879. They invented tissue paper after the invention became famous among people, but he did not put it on a roll. They roll the toilet paper on a roll and market it. They even asked hotels and drugstores to sell them this way. (See When Was Silly Putty Invented?)

10. What is used to make Toilet Paper?

Today, toilet paper is made from chemical waste derived from paper. Virgin tree pulp, recycled paper, and hemp plant pulp are some ingredients used in making toilet paper.

Virgin fiber toilet paper is made from the fibrous pulp of hardwood and softwood trees. Mostly, the pulp is mixed with water containing chemical sulfates that help in breaking down the pulp. The starch present in it helps in making the paper white. (Also read How to Make a Super Ball?)

11. Can you Flush Toilet Paper?

Yes, most of the toilet paper is made for flushing and does not choke the toilet. As it is made from paper, it can dissolve in water over time. You should avoid throwing used paper into the bins as it is unhygienic and can lead to the spread of diseases. (See What is the Most Popular Muscle Car?)

12. Why should you Avoid Toilet Paper?

Who invented tissue paper, various countries like India, Japan, Greece, Italy, etc. use water sources like bidets to get the work done. But the United States, Britain, and Australian countries still rely on toilet paper. According to health experts, using toilet paper is not a hygienic way of cleaning yourself. (Also read Why are Dimes Smaller than Pennies?)

  • The pipelines are made of water and not paper.
  • Regular usage of toilet paper may lead to irritation, urinary infections, and other health problems. Because not all paper is chemical-free.
  • Most importantly, they are not environmentally friendly. More and more trees are chopped down to fulfill the requirement of more than 15 million trees annually.
  • Also, it does not clean the mess completely and as accurately as water. Therefore, it cannot be considered as healthy. (See What are Coloured Glass Blocks?)

13. What are the Alternatives to Toilet Paper?

Rows of baby wipes packs

At times, when you run out of toilet paper or any such situation where the roll is unavailable, check for the following things to be used as a substitute for it.

14. Who invented the First Bidet?

The French invented Bidet somewhere around the 17th century. The term bidet is a French term that means pony. It is also referred to as a trot. It was used in almost all the houses to clean the areas after finishing defecating. People regarded it as a civilized way to cleanse themselves. (See 40 Best Types of Knives To Consider Having In Your Kitchen)

15. Who invented Electric Bidets?

Apart from who invented tissue paper, in 1980, manufacturers in Japan and Korea produced electric bidets. They were attached to the automated water nozzles in the toilet seats. 

Now, you got the complete info about who invented tissue paper, who invented toilet paper in 1857, and who invented toilet paper roll. It is time to spread this information so that everyone can benefit from it. (See What Is the Average Garage Door Size?)

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