Who Invented the Sticky Note?

What are Sticky Notes? What are the Benefits of Sticky Notes? What is the History of Sticky Notes? Who are the Fathers of Sticky Notes?
who invented the sticky note

Sticky notes are indeed the best friend you never knew that you needed. They accompany you through your to-do list, groceries list, and important notes. But do you know who invented the sticky note and what made it such a pocket-friendly product? Read till the end to find out more about invention of sticky notes.

1. What are Sticky Notes?

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Sticky notes have always been handy stationery that has become essential in schools and the corporate world. The whole concept of sticky notes is very simple. They are small sheets of paper that can be stuck on any surface. One side has glue on it, so you don’t need to worry about adding cello tape to its back so that it stays in one place. (Also read How to Make a Super Ball?)

2. What are the Benefits of Sticky Notes?

Sticky notes help you either remind yourself or other people about some task at hand, some important event that is due soon, or some office work that needs more attention. It can also be a sweet and simple reminder for yourself or someone else. (Also read What Is the Average Garage Door Size?)

3. Do you know about the Invention of Sticky Notes?

Invention of Sticky Notes

Who invented the sticky note? The entire concept and look of sticky notes haven’t changed drastically over the years, but there was a definite technology shift during the production of sticky notes. (Also read Who invented Paper and When?)

  • In 1902, a company called 3M, also known as Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing, started their business. In the beginning, the company was known for its corundum mining. But eventually, they branched out for a new start and a unique journey. Later on, they were known as the ones who invented the sticky note. (See What are the Best Alternatives for Parchment Paper?)
  • In 1968, Dr. Spencer Silver invented the adhesive used on the back of sticky notes. But the scientific community didn’t take this invention of sticky notes very seriously. 
  • In 1974, Arthur Fry, a scientist in the 3M company, took the adhesive invented by Spencer and stuck it on the back of a sheet of paper so that he could mark the passages in his hymn book for choir practices.
  • Then, in 1978, the company sold this product under the name of press and peel. The product was very successful because of the marketing strategy that was used. It was called the Boise Blitz, and what this strategy focused on was handing out free samples to employees in a focused group in Boise, Idaho.
  • In 1980, after researching and sampling their product in 11 states across the country, the company then officially released sticky notes. It became popular, reaching over $2 million in just a year of being in the market.
  • Later, in 1984, sticky notes were printed with the company’s logo. Then marketing manager, Graydon E. Thompson, strongly believed that non-profits and businesses would benefit from advertising on these sticky notes.
  • Later, in 1997, Post-it flag highlighters made their debut in the market and gradually became very popular among students because it was a two-in-one office product. They made notes and highlight details very easily. 

With the advent of technology, sticky notes adapted to the gradually developing and progressing market. Some apps would help you customize your digital sticky notes. In 2011, Post-it celebrated its 30th anniversary in Sweden, where they made limited-edition boxes containing 500 sticky notes decorated in retro style. (See Who Invented Paper Money?)

4. Who are the Fathers of Sticky Notes?

Who invented the sticky note as Spencer Silver and Arthur Fry both are credited for inventing sticky notes or post-it notes? Actually, this is done by both and their contributions are immense. And also special thanks to Arthur Fry, who shared these sheets of paper with his co-workers, family members, and choir group. By the end of the year 1974, almost over 20 pads of sticky notes were being used by every person across the United States. 

Although in May 2021, Spencer Silver passed away. But the legacy that he has left behind is still alive by writing daily short memos, or messages on these sticky notes. You can also enjoy and respect the work of a genius that was once considered a confusing blunder in a science lab. (Also read Cunningham Name Origin)

5. What is the Lesson behind Inventing Sticky Notes?

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With the invention of sticky notes, a fact was made known to the world that some ideas might sound weird or even stupid, but not everything needs to make sense at their beginning stages. All ideas and concepts need to be built and polished over time with care and compassion. This will definitely lead you to either the result you were expecting or something unexpected and surprisingly a genius idea can make its own way. (See Why is Paris Called the City of Lights?)

Having strange and different ideas isn’t wrong, but not working on them is something you shouldn’t opt for. Honestly, such small and sometimes even considered irrelevant ideas could impact you or even the people around you, be it even a small impact. We hope that you have learned who invented the sticky note through this article. Feel free to let us know how sticky notes play an important role in your daily life. (See Who Invented Tissue Paper?)

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