Who invented the Flushing Toilet?

What is a Flush Toilet and Who invented it? Are Modern Toilets and Flush Toilets the same? What is meant by Porta Potty? What is a Squatty Potty and Why was it invented? How does Squatting in a Toilet benefit you?
who invented the flushing toilet

Well, keeping personal hygiene in mind, someone came up with the idea of flushing toilets. It has been a marvelous invention and there are hardly any parts of the world where these toilets are not found. But since we are on this topic, I wonder who invented the flushing toilet. You will get to know about all of this as well as who invented the first toilet, who invented the modern toilet, who invented the squatty potty, and who invented the porta potty as you continue reading the article.

1. What is a Flush Toilet?

A flush toilet is a type of toilet with a pipeline system that enables the waste to be flushed away down the hole with water force. It is a plumbing fixture that is usually in a J, P, S, or U-shaped bend and this bend is known as the trap. (See Go to the John Meaning)

2. Who invented the Flushing Toilet?

 who invented the flushing toilet 2

Considering the use of water for washing away impurities is as old as the Bronze Age. According to the researchers, they have discovered from the ruins that the cities in the Indus Valley Civilization had communal toilets that were flushed with running water.

Also, during the Islamic Golden Age, between the 8th century and 14th centuries, the cities had a system of flush toilets that were connected to a water supply with a proper waste disposal sewer system. So, it was the ancient civilized people who invented the flushing toilet. (See Who invented Paper and When?)

3. Who set up the First Device?

It was in 1596, when an English courtier, author, and translator, Sir John Harington published about the modern flush toilet that was installed at his house in Kelston, Somerset. It has a flush valve that lets the water out of the tank with a wash-down design that empties the bowl. He also installed a flush toilet system at the Richmond Palace for his godmother, Queen Elizabeth 1. So, Sir John Harington was the one who invented the flushing toilet and described the entire system in his work A New Discourse of a Stale Subject: Metamorphosis of Ajax. (See Why is a Toilet Called a John?)

4. Who invented the Modern Toilet?

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The design that Sir John Harrington proposed continued to develop and, with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution from 1760 to 1840, the process sped up with more technological advancement. These developments and new technologies have led to the emergence of the toilet in its modern form. Alexander Cumming, a Scottish instrument inventor, and watchmaker invented the S-trap plumbing in 1775, which is still a crucial part of modern toilets. (See 4 Most Important Inventions of the Industrial Revolution)

5. Who invented the First Toilet?

An English inventor and locksmith, Joseph Bramah is patented to have invented the first flush modern toilet in 1778. (See Who Invented Tissue Paper?)

6. When did the Flushing Toilet become famous?

During the middle of the 19th century, industries developed and urbanization increased. All this has led to the growth in demand for flush toilets along with the development of a proper sewage system. (See When was the Unicycle Invented?)

7. What is a Porta Potty?

Portable toilet

The term porta potty means the portable potty seat or portable toilet. It refers to the chemical chamber toilets, portable camp toilet seats, etc. (See How Cranes Work?)

8. Why were they Invented?

Sailors spend most of their time on ships and it takes them weeks or even months to return to shore. Someone came up with an idea to make portable toilets for them which the sailors can load on the ship before sailing and unload from the ship after reaching the shore to clean. At that time, these portable commodes were made from metal or wood and were heavier and full of odors. (See What is a Flight of Stairs?)

9. Who invented the Porta Potty?

The invention of deodorizing liquid in the 1950s led to the invention of portable toilets. The co-founder of PolyJohn Corporation, George Harding introduced the polyethylene portable toilet made from rigid plastic. It was even patented under his name. (See Who Invented the Sticky Note?)

10. Who developed the Advanced version of a Porta Potty?

An astronaut on a commode: who invented the flushing toilet 3

Who invented the flushing toilet, when fiberglass was introduced? Well, it came to be known as a more durable and accurate material for porta potty, George developed a more improved and developed fiberglass toilet in the 1970s. The fiberglass was much lighter and offers the choice of making the self-assemble toilet easier. Also, cleaning them is much easier than the previous options. (See When Was Silly Putty Invented?)

11. What is a Squatty Potty?

The squatty potty is the original toilet stool that helps you sit on the western-style toilet in a squat position. It offers a comfortable way of squatting. The stool is of optimum height and width to support the squatting position and it is U-shaped on another side. This way, it is easy to be tucked under the toilet after use. (See How does a Thermos Work?)

12. Who invented the Squatty Potty?

The Edwards family, from Saint Georgia, Utah, were the founders of this stool that came to be known as a squatty potty. The family includes Bill Edward, Judy Edward, and their son, Bobby Edward. (Also read Why do some people spend a lot of time in the bathroom?)

13. Why was it Invented?


Judy Edward was suffering from constipation for over a long time. She was ready to try every possible way to solve her problem. She discovered that sitting in the squat position while pooping benefits the person and eases constipation as well. After that, she tried everything to keep under her feet while sitting on the Western-style toilet but nothing worked well. In who invented the flushing toilet, the normal step stools were not accurate. Other things were either shorter or taller and did not create a comfy squatting position. (See What Is the Average Garage Door Size?)

14. How was it Invented?

After knowing the struggles of his mother, Bobby Edwards, who was a contractor and designer by profession, decided to step in. He realized that it would be a great idea to re-design the standard step stool into something that would create a comfy squatty position while pooping. And after various attempts and designs, he finally came up with the squatty potty stools in 2010. (See What is a Chuckwagon?)

15. What are the Benefits of Squatting while Pooping?

Squatting is known to relax your puborectalis muscles and your colon is straightened out. This reduces the strain and makes the process comfortable and easy. Squatting also reduces the chances of hemorrhoids (piles). (See How Do We Get Sick?)

Well, today you got to know about who invented the flushing toilet, who invented the first toilet, who invented the modern toilet, who invented the squatty potty, and who invented the porta potty. I do not think it was a messy journey. These inventions cleaned the mess accurately. (See 5 Types of Road Construction)

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