Who Invented Lamborghini?

Who was the Founder of Lamborghini? What was Lamborghini Trattori? How does One’s pride give birth to a Legend?
Who Invented Lamborghini?

With every passing decade, car engines and mechanisms have been improvised. Different types of cars like sedans, XUVs, SUVs, sports cars, and luxury cars have been built over the centuries to suit people’s tastes, styles, and requirements. One such car from the sports car category is Lamborghini. In this article, we will find out who invented Lamborghini, when and how did Lamborghini start, and who owns it now.

1. Who Invented Lamborghini? 

Ferruccio Lamborghini, an Italian mechanic and war prisoner established Automobili Lamborghini with the motive of creating high-end luxury speed cars in 1963. Not only were his ventures fruitful, but also created a legacy in the automobile industry. (See How the invention of cars affected the economy?)

2. Who was Lamborghini?

Ferruccio was born to a farmer, but he was more interested in farming machines than in the fields and farming itself. Following his passion for machines, he studied at Fratelli Taddia Technical Institute, after which he was drafted into the Italian Royal Air Force as a mechanic in 1940. After the Second World War, he decided to stay in his hometown, Pieve di Cento and open a garage. His love for machines remained the same always. He modified his old Fiat Topolino, converted it into a 770cc open-top two-seater car, and entered it into open road motorsport in 1948. (See Why Is It Called Jaywalking?)

3. How and Why did he start his Tractor Business?

After the war ended, people returned to their fields. It was the time when Italy was struggling to keep up its devoted occupation of agriculture. There was a need for vehicles among farmers, but many could not afford while others who could were not happy with the mechanism of the tractors.

  • Lamborghini, being the machine lover he was, found the engines and other parts of military vehicles in Azienda Rilievo Alienazione Residuati, an organization set up after the war to safely dispose of several war weapons and vehicles. From those spare parts, he built his first-ever tractor named Carioca tractors, which was fitted with 6-cylinder petrol engines of Morris trucks.
  • Later, he converted the engine with a fuel atomizer so that the engine would require petrol only to start up. It was a huge success as the farmers and agriculture industries adored this mechanism.
  • Lamborghini started his tractor manufacturing company Lamborghini Tattori in the year 1948. The engine he modified was named Lamborghini engines. (See Why is agriculture important?)

4. How did Lamborghini Start Operations?

Before starting the manufacturing of vehicles, he wanted to build an engine that could beat Ferrari’s 3 liters V12. But he wanted his engine to be road-friendly, not just a racing car one. Giotto Bizzarrini, one of the five engineers who designed the Ferrari’s V12, had left the company in 1961 and joined Lamborghini to design his new engine. Ferruccio, who invented Lamborghini, agreed to this engine, and it was used in Lamborghini cars from 1963 to 2010. (See How Loud is a Silenced Pistol?)

5. Who was behind these jaw-dropping Car Designs?

Dallara Motorcorps, an Italian motorsports engineer and owner of racing cars developing company, designed the first model of Lamborghini Chassis. Ferruccio was also assisted by Paolo Stanzani & Bob Wallace who were already in fame by Ferrari and Maserati. Franco Scaglione designed the body of the car.

  • Lamborghini, majorly Ferruccio who invented Lamborghini, was interested in making new designs, modifying, and re-styling his old models but, he was not at all interested in motor racing. He was approached and pursued several times by his teammates and racing companies, but he considered it a waste of his time and resources.
  • However, just a year ago, in December 2020, the company twisted this rule and formed a racing team Automobili Lamborghini S.P.A with a watchmaker brand Blancpain. (See How Does Hovercraft Work?)

6. What is the Reason behind its Bull Emblem?

In 1962, Ferruccio Lamborghini visited the Seville ranch of Don Eduardo Miura, a renowned Spanish fighting bull breeder. Ferruccio got so impressed with the Miura that he decided to adopt this raging bull as the emblem for his cars. He even took inspiration from the bull breeder and to honor him and his family, named a car for his family of bulls. (See Origin of Dollar Sign)

Who Invented Lamborghini?

7. What Purposes does this Car Serve?

Since Lamborghini is known for its super speed, it serves well for several causes like:

  • Italians use Lamborghini cars to transport blood and organs because these organs have to be transported within a time limit.
  • They are also used as police cars in Italy & United Arab Emirates for their super speed.

8. Who Owns it now?

Lamborghini faced bankruptcy and several highs and lows during its course of business, which ultimately worsened after Ferruccio Lamborghini’s death in 1993. Volkswagen group, under the Audi subdivision, took over this sports car company in 1998. They did not change the name of Lamborghini, and this amalgamation resulted in a good decision for both companies. Lamborghini is still raging the roads and is getting better with each model. (See Why do some people fear technology?)

Ferruccio, who invented Lamborghini, never imagined the heights his company would reach and its impact on the car industry. (Also read How Was UPS Founded?)

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