Who Discovered Electricity?

Who Discovered Electricity?
  1. Life without electricity

    Can you even imagine would be life without electricity? There would be no television, telephones or light in which you study. It’s even tough to think of life today without any electricity. Don’t worry, that is not the case as electricity exists and enables us to enjoy many things in life.

  2. Was it actually invented?

    That is a question that really matters as electricity is a natural force that already persists and does not require creation. But, the matter of fact is that it has to be first discovered and then understanding its usage. Well, majorly people give credit to the famous Benjamin Franklin for finding electricity.

  3. About Benjamin Franklin

    He was an American writer, publisher, scientist and diplomat. He was said to be one of the greatest scientific minds of his time. Franklin was very keen loved making discoveries in many areas of science, and because of which he invented a lot of things, including bifocal glasses.

  4. Idea

    There were many experiments already going on in the mid-1700s, which is when Franklin took a big step in their research. He explained that electricity has both positive and negative elements, and it flows between them. He also said that lightning too was a form of this flowing electricity.

  5. Experimenting

    Once he got the idea, he thought of doing a kite experiment in which he flew a kite during a thunderstorm and tied a metal key to conducting the electricity. Fortunately, the research got successful as electricity flowed down the string and gave him a shock, but he did not get hurt.

  6. Implementation

    Once the experiment got successful, many scientists started working on it and understanding how it can be generated. It was then a lot of scientists worked on it, and then this idea came up. That is the reason why there is a question that is it Benjamin who invented electricity?

  7. Who actually invented electricity?

    Benjamin is famous for tying the key to the kite, but that is not the complete story of electricity as it has been said that Westerners knew about it as long as 600 B.C. that amber becomes charged by rubbing. In fact, in the year 1600, Gilbert was called the father of modern electricity as he described the electrification of many substances and invented the word electricity.

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